Japanese method to make trees grow 10 times faster

For lovers of nature and the environment, See how your actions have a positive impact on the environment it’s one of the reasons why they stay active and engaged. at the time of to plant treesSeeing how they grow is a real pleasure, despite the fact that it’s a very slow process, which often means they don’t see their finished work.

grow trees

But What if I told you that there is a method to speed up this wait that attracts the attention of curious people and connoisseurs? Imagine being able to complete your project by planting trees and, what in theory could take 100 years to fully develop, ends up doing so in less than 10 years.

This is precisely what you will discover today, says “Miyawaki methodallows trees to grow up to 10 times faster. And it is that after the century necessary for the generation of a forest, our protagonist has managed to reduce this period to a number of years that will allow us to see the change.


Who is Miyawaki?

He is a citizen committed to the environment, a Japanese who has seen with his own eyes how much in the 1970s the forests of his native country finally disappeared due to the timber industry and its preference for monocultures and conifers, strongly flammable.


Faced with such a situation and the damage caused to the environment, miyawaki the creation of an alternative method that would allow forests to grow faster has been proposed. This led to a surprising result, because it made the growth accelerate 10 times fasteras well as fire resistance.

In addition to receiving the Blue Planet Prize in 2006Miyawaki holds the record for have planted more than 40 million trees all over the planet, in addition to being passionate about vegetation and cartographya hobby that allowed him to highlight both biological corridors and the environmental impact generated by forests.

The principles of the Miyawaki method

Knowing the creator, we will emphasize the functioning and qualities of his method, a procedure that focuses on improving the conditions necessary for a forest to grow well. This base makes it possible to operate on any area over 90 square meterssuch as private gardens, industrial sites, rooftops or even the desert.

Miyawaki method for growing trees

The idea is that the designated area is completely self-sufficientContrary to what we see with the artificial gardens that abound in the cities, where maintenance and permanent care are required. Uses the principle of potential natural vegetationi.e. any fertile land devoid of human intervention can develop a sustainable forest.

It is estimated that a millennium is needed to achieve a lush forest, although the human being can manage to reduce it to 100 years. Now, with the Miyawaki method and modifications implemented by a friend and Toyota engineer, Shubhendu, this period can be reduced to 10 years.

grow trees with the miyawaki method

How does the method work?

In order to better understand how the Miyawaki method works, We have divided the different processes into stages. In this way, you will be able to understand the meaning and usefulness of each of them, as well as the effect it causes as they combine and follow each other.

  • soil identification. The soil is previously analyzed to determine its main qualities, nutrients and what it lacks.
  • Identification of possible species. Knowing the terrain, it’s time to select the species that best adapt to the region’s climate and soil properties.
  • biomass. The necessary biomass is sought to fill the deficiencies of the soil, always without taking into account pesticides or similar chemical products.
  • soil amendment. The superficial part of the ground is modified to allow a correct feeding of the trees during the first two years of life.
  • plant. All tree species previously selected are planted in abundance.
  • watering and cleaning. During the first two years, irrigation is maintained, as well as weeding tasks.

The result speaks for itself. In just one year, we will have a territory with so many species planted in abundance that it will be difficult for light to reach the soil, which helps maintain humidity and humus itself generated by the leaves falling off the trees.


miyawaki method for growing trees

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