Is it possible to furnish an office in a sustainable way?

The environmental impact is everyone’s responsibility and it is important to apply sustainable proposals, even in the foyer and the office. Small gestures, such as sorting waste, saving energy and choosing furniture ecological, they make the difference.

Although the generation of waste is not on the scale of industries, offices generate significant energy and recursive waste. However, it is possible to reduce our impact from our offices and implement actions for the collective well-being.

Next, we share some proposals to elucidate whether it is possible to furnish an office in a sustainable way.


Materials choice

If we are talking about impact, the first thing to do is to visit physical or virtual furniture stores in the hope of looking for pieces with sustainable materials or manufacturing processes. In this sense, a piece of advice is to opt for chairs and wooden desks solid, wicker or cardboard.

We know it’s not that easy to find a office, armchair, chair or durable bookcase, and that not all options fit our budget. However, we can make a great contribution if we look for less aggressive or less worn alternatives in its manufacturing process.

Focus on minimalism

The statement “less is more” is of great importance in terms of environmental protection. Therefore, in addition to prioritizing wooden furniture, Avoiding overloading with unnecessary parts is essential.

In this sense, it is also good to bet on office options and other monomaterial items. Thus, we take care to minimize the industrial processes involved and, with them, the elimination of CO2.

Photo by Alesia Kazantceva on Unsplash

Look for sustainability

Another action to minimize our impact is to seek out the furniture stores long-term choice. Whether we are looking for a Desktoplibrary or armchair, it is important to choose durable materials.

The resistance of the components over time allows us to use the furniture a long time, without the need to replace them. Some alternatives are solid wood, iron or recycled plastic. We can also search furniture Restored and give it a second use.

Prefer smart furniture

One way to reduce our consumption and maintain minimalism to take care of our impact is to opt for furniture clever. Fortunately, the offer Home furniture and desktop are diverse and today we can find many multifunctional pieces.

For the office we can find offices intelligent, which allow you to deploy a meter at work. Another alternative is drop-down room games; Thus, if we organize a meeting, we can transform the office and offer places to visitors.

Energy saving

Finally, in the case of furniture combined, as in the case of furniture with a backlight, it is essential to prioritize energy savings. In this sense, it is advisable to bet on low consumption alternatives.

In any case, it is always convenient to make a structure that allows you to take advantage of natural light. Minimalism is a great help to avoid canceling the entry of light and air.

As we have seen, there are many “small big” actions we can take to create a sustainable office. We only have to visit a few furniture stores and make low impact decisions.

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