International Pesticide Free Week –

Pesticide Free Week is an annual, international campaign and is celebrated during the first ten days of spring in the northern hemisphere, between March 20 and 30.

Spring doesn’t just start with the first rays of the sun, pretty flowers and the chirping of birds, but also with the spraying of pesticides in the fields. For this reason, we invite you to inform yourself about the effects of pesticides on health and the environment, as well as to learn more about the alternative methods that exist.


Objectives of the Week without Pesticides

The main objectives of Pesticide Free Week are to raise awareness of the health and environmental risks of chemical pesticides, to highlight and promote alternative solutions, and to build an international network for a pesticide-free world. This week is an opportunity to show the world that many organizations and citizens want and succeed in becoming free from toxic chemicals.

These 10 days are also proof that public opinion is becoming aware of the importance of choosing alternatives to pesticides to protect the health and environment of future generations.

Who organizes the week without pesticides?

Pesticide Free Week is organized by Générations Futures. For more than 20 years, the French organization has been working on the issue of chemical pesticides and has provided support to raise awareness of their dangers. As part of the Week without Pesticides, the association brings together more than 50 national partners, international organizations and local actors.


It takes place every year between March 20 and 30. Each year, we choose a specific theme which becomes the focus of all activities for 10 days. This year, it’s food sovereignty!


Each year, more than 1,000 events are organized in France and abroad by citizens, associations and local authorities. You can also be part of this movement if you want to organize a conference, a film screening, a workshop of all kinds, a show, a visit… The imagination is yours! Imagine how great it would be to all be united in this fight around the world at the same time!

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