Installation of solar panels. How to get the best performance

Solar energy is presented as one of the best alternatives for the production of clean and sustainable electricity in the face of the global problem of climate change. Thanks to the installation of solar panels, this alternative energy can reach both small homes and large businesses.

Radiation from the sun reaches the earth in the form of heat, light and ultraviolet rays, which are captured by solar panels and converted into electricity suitable for consumption in our homes or businesses.


How are solar panels made?

A standard solar panel is composed of monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon plates contained in an aluminum frame, covered with glass and double encapsulated.

There is another type of solar panels on the market to generate electricity from the sun. They’re known as “thin-film panels,” but the materials they’re made of make them unprofitable, at least for now.

How solar energy works

For the solar transformation, known as photovoltaic, to be successful, it is essential that the solar panels are of quality and installed correctly, since they will be responsible for starting this process.

When sunlight falls on the silicon plates that make up a solar panel, the electrons in the atoms of this mineral are excited and released. These negatively charged electrons are attracted to the positive part of the silicon cells, generating an electric current.

Esta corriente generada, de type continua, es captured por el system de cableado de la placa solar para ser converted en corriente alternate en una caja de conversiones (o inversor) y resultar así, apta para el consumo de hogares y empresas o circular por la electrical network.

Since sunlight is the protagonist of this process and the greater the amount of light, the greater the energy production, it is important to install the solar panels in the place that has the greatest number of hours of sunshine.

Installation of solar panels

For the installation of solar panels, there are specialized companies that guarantee the best location to capture as much light as possible.

Such is the case of MASRED Engineeringa Spanish renewable energy engineering company, with certified installers.

It has bases in Valencia, Mallorca and Ibiza, from where it provides its users with advice and immediate technical assistance on photovoltaic solar installations for self-consumption.

His experience is extensive in the solar panel installation sector, ranging from tenders for shared self-consumption to turnkey installations for industries.

In addition, MASRED advises, designs and installs self-consumption solar panels with lithium batteries and solar panel installations in homes isolated from the electricity grid.

Every project is different

Each situation is different and requires a specific study depending on the place where the solar panels are going to be installed, added to the needs of the user.

A team of engineers from the company will analyze each case, whether it is to design photovoltaic solar installations connected to the network or for solar panel installations for houses isolated from the network.

It is necessary to carry out the installation of solar panels with specialists, not only to guarantee the best capture of the energy of the sun, but also to ensure the preservation and the life of each piece of equipment installed.

Real savings opportunities

With the installation of solar panels, it is possible to reduce the electricity bill by up to 70%. The MASRED company also provides advice on the subsidies and the steps necessary to join this renewable energy.

Some examples of projects implemented prove that with the accumulation of energy with a lithium battery, it is possible to reduce the energy power contracted, to save in the fixed time of the bill, and on the other hand, to extend self-consumption until the fixed time of 10:00 a.m. pm where the electricity tariff changes with time discrimination and has a lower cost.

On the other hand, during the hours when the electricity consumption is lower than the production of clean solar energy, the surplus can be poured into the network in exchange for compensation in the electricity bill (RD244/2019)

Every electricity consumption situation is different, which is why specialists are needed for advice and installation of solar panels. In this way, we can ensure the success of the project, which translates into taking care of the planet and reducing our costs in the electricity bill.

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