IKEA is betting on solar-powered bicycles for home delivery

IKEA is integrating solar-powered SunRider cargo bikes into its last-mile deliveries to reduce the climate footprint of home deliveries.

For a few years, IKEA has been introducing electric trucks for home delivery services. But it’s not just advancing in electric vehicles, but also in charging infrastructure and the adoption of renewables like solar.

IKEA’s goal is to become a climate-positive company by 2030, reducing more greenhouse gas emissions than the IKEA value chain emits, while growing its business.

Today, IKEA has just added an alternative and more sustainable home transport solution: solar powered cargo bikes. They added the SunRider Solar Powered Cargo Bike.

This SunRider bike can carry around 90% of IKEA’s product range and emits 98% less CO2 than modern diesel vans. For IKEA, it is important to explore new ways to improve the service offer for customers, both from a more sustainable, affordable and accessible perspective. The solar-charged bike does all of that.

Helene Davidsson, Sustainability Manager at Inter IKEA Systems BV

The SunRider cargo bike has a 1.6 kWh lithium-ion battery which is charged by the built-in 545 Wp photovoltaic solar panels.

The cargo compartment fits a standard pallet and can carry up to 150 kg. With a full battery, the bike has a range of approximately 100 km, depending on the conditions of the route and the cycle of use. The on-board 545 Wp solar panels allow the battery to be fully recharged on sunny days, providing an additional range of 100 km and are ideal for places with weak and intermittent grids or remote areas without a connection to the electricity grid.

Battery assist makes pedaling easier for longer. The battery assist also aids take-off acceleration after stalls.

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