Ideas for decorating your home with flowers and plants this summer

Summer is coming and with it comes holidays, days at the pool, sun on the beach and fun in the backyard. There is no doubt that this is one of the favorite seasons of many. However, Have you thought about decorating your home with flowers and plants?

decorate with flowers

With the arrival of good temperatures, it is common to see how gardens and houses change and enhance their decors be more colorful, eye-catching and full of life.

And since we love summer and it’s fast approaching, What do you think if we discover some ideas to decorate our house with flowers? They bring life, color and light, as well as a thousand and one shapes that you can combine to find the style that you like the most.


Freeze-dried flowers, growing trend

Often, when we consult the main sources in search of new plants and decorative tips To be recommended and applied at home, we find freeze-drying, a term which, according to our friends at the florist Pulgar Verde in Seville, is becoming more and more popular.

It is likely that you still do not know the meaning of this term, but surely you have seen it in many corners recently. In shop windows, inside stores and even on other facades.

freeze dried flowers

The freeze-drying of plants is a technique which allows the sap to be extracted and replaced with a compatible element which allows it to retain its vivid hue and texture. In other words, we get the plant to keep its splendor much longer and with much less care.

These benefits allow decoration in houses be a great attraction where you can put them through their paces and maintain their condition and natural color vibrancy for longer.

AND, How are these freeze-dried plants obtained? The truth is that they are much more accessible than you might imagine. Their growing popularity has allowed many florists to offer them. Just locate your favorites and add them to any corner of your home.

Plants which, in addition to associating, refresh

There are a thousand and one tips related to home decoration with flowershowever, what many don’t tell you are the benefits of just having them in your home.

Its striking hue, in addition to pleasing in any part of the house, allows the room to oxygenate by renewing the air and even by lowering a few degrees of temperature. You knew it?

Colored freeze-dried flowers

And, if in addition to these tips, you also apply the benefits of walls and ceilings, where you can hang them on pots or small shelves, better than better. The plants you use this summer to bring your home to life should follow these three basic principles:

  • alternate. Don’t place all the plants together, this is not to create a wild environment, but you can place them between objects such as shelves, tables or lamps.
  • big plant. The living room is usually the largest room in the house, if so, do not hesitate to add a large plant in one of its corners. You will gain in amplitude and color.
  • Vertical garden. On your terrace, the idea of ​​placing a vertical garden is always great. You save space while gaining an eye-catcher.

Knowing that there is a significant difference between saturate the house with flowers and place them logically to enhance the environment and its decoration, added to these three basic principles above, you will definitely create the best environment.

Now all you have to do is choose your favorites, the ones that, by size, fit perfectly in places like garden, terrace, living room or kitchen. Any place is ideal to add a beautiful plant.


decorate with freeze-dried flowers

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