IceWind, the vertical axis mini-wind turbines born from the mad Icelandic winds

Residential micro wind turbines could one day become a popular way for people to generate their own electricity at home.

The Icelandic renewable wind energy company IceWind has developed this new mini wind turbine for household energy production.

IceWind has converted a disused coal-fired power station in Reykjavik into its headquarters. The company is now in the final stages of development.

The concept is simple: we take proven technologies and bring them into the modern era. Using super-tough materials like aerospace-grade aluminum, carbon fiber, and high-grade stainless steel, our turbines are built to withstand anything. This includes Iceland’s terrifying winds, which regularly exceed 80 kilometers per hour during the island country’s dark and cold winter.

Saethor Asgeirsson, CEO of IceWind.

The company develops rugged vertical-axis wind turbines for everything from powering weather monitoring stations in the Arctic to off-grid cabins.

In the land of Ice and Fire, this young company is developing a new approach to wind energy production.

Developing an innovative turbine design, the company looked to the past to design the future. And as we find cheaper residential micro wind turbines on the market, IceWind stands out from the competition with a simple and smart design, using the highest quality manufacturing materials.

Its unique design incorporates two types of blades: “Savonieus” trailing blades dating from the Persian Empire and “Darrrieus” lifting blades, commonly seen on wind turbines and conventional aircraft. This balanced combination results in a turbine that generates power in light and extreme wind conditions.

Like all Arctic Islanders, Asgeirsson and his team are no strangers to extreme storm conditions. In winter, winds regularly reach 80 km/h even in the capital region. While unfortunate for everyone, these weather conditions provide IceWind with the perfect opportunity to thoroughly test its wind turbines.

It’s actually quite funny“, says Asgeirsson. “We are the only ones in Iceland who get excited when there are strong winds in the weather forecast“.

The young company is currently developing two product lines: one intended for mounting on telecommunications towers and in more extreme arctic conditions, and one for slightly milder residential applications. They currently sell their turbines locally in Iceland and plan to market them in Europe and North America later this year.

The tests here in Iceland have been very successful and we are excited to start selling our products in other countries. Our turbines have survived Iceland and will everywhere else.

Saethor Asgeirsson.


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