Huayna Picchu, the original name of Machu Picchu


The name by which the Incas designated Machu Picchu, one of the most recognized archaeological sites in the world, it was originally Huayna Picchu, nearest mountain, a new study reveals. When Hiram Bingham first visited the ruins in 1911 attract the attention of the world, they were little knowneven among those who lived in the Cusco region of Peru.

More than 110 years after Bingham’s first visit to the site, historian Donato Amado Gonzales of the Peruvian Ministry of Culture (Cusco) and archaeologist Brian S. Bauer of the University of Illinois at Chicago have spent reviews Bingham’s original field notes, early 20th century maps of the area, and centuries-old territorial documents from various archives. Their findings suggest that less was known about the site than previously thought. previously.

Huayna Picchu

In his article, published by Ñawpa Pasha: Journal of Andean Archeologythe researchers conclude that the Incas originally called it Huayna Picchu, by the rocky peak closest to the site, not Machu Picchu, which is the name of the highest mountain near the ancient city.

“We started with the uncertainty of the name of the ruins when Bingham first visited them, then we went through various printed maps and atlases before Bingham’s visit to the ruins”Bauer, professor of anthropology at UIC, said in a statement. “There are important data that suggest that the Inca city was actually called Picchu or more likely, Huayna Picchu”.

According to Bauer, the most definitive links with the original name of the Inca city is preserved in the stories written by the Spaniards relatively soon after the region came under his control in the late 16th century. “We end with an impressive account of the late 16th century when the indigenous peoples of the region planned to return to reoccupy the site they called Huayna Picchu”said.

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