How to turn an old Peugeot Boxer into a self-contained mobile office

Work culture is changing rapidly. Coffee shops have become the new collaborative workspace and today many people are working remotely.

We only need a connection to the communication network and our laptops to fill our work schedule, which is why many choose to be digital nomads.

Some escape to their small offices in the woods to get away from the noise of the city and others renovate their vans to take their work on the road.

Architecture and design studio Atelier JMCA is doing just that with its latest project, Nomadic Office.

The designers at Atelier JMCA got to work when they decided to transform an old Peugeot Boxer van into a mobile workspace. Before casting the interior of the van, the architects at Atelier JMCA used a 3D laser to scan the interior space of the vehicle and create an accurate CAD drawing of the body of the van.

For starters, the van generates solar energy through two 330-watt photovoltaic panels that are placed on the roof of the van.

Then, two 80-litre water tanks supply fresh water and treat waste water from the galley and toilets, located behind the driver’s seat.

In addition, the insulation and the heating system guarantee a comfortable temperature throughout the van. Thanks to these features, Nomadic Office has the ability to work without a network connection for a week.

A retractable wooden system defines the internal distribution of Nomadic Office. Equipped with a dining area, a sleeping area, a work space and a storage compartment, the sliding furniture systems save space thanks to hinge mechanisms that allow users to fold up the bed and dining table when not in use.

The architects took care to make the most of the main space of the house, 3m x 2m, thanks to the 15 cm thick wooden panels.

When users want to eat or work at the dining table, they can open the 5cm thick wooden table top 90 degrees without the need for a support base.

Then, when it’s time to sleep, users can use the same folding mechanism for the built-in double bed. To activate Nomadic Office’s “night mode”, users can unlock a locking system to reveal the van’s mattress, which rests on two wooden blocks. Storage compartments and hanging racks provide users with spaces to hang their clothes.

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