How to shop responsibly on Black Friday?

Buying online has become a daily fact in our lives, however we do not always know if the offers on the internet are reliable or if we get carried away by impulse purchases that are not at all sustainable. Do we really need to buy something? Will there be a trick?

In order to detect if a store is reliable or not or if we can buy safely, we must follow some specific steps and in case of doubt it is better not to take risks. There are thousands of eco-friendly online stores that are safe!


Support local businesses

As a customer, we need to support small businesses and SMEs, where there are small entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic and eager to take their business forward. Of course, that doesn’t mean we don’t pay attention to other vital factors such as money and whether you’re environmentally conscious.

For example, if you walk into a small designer clothing store, it’s always a good idea to ask yourself if it’s sustainable fashion that uses 100% recycled cotton or another textile product. Contrary to popular Black Friday thinking, you can also get deals at small businesses and stores on clothing, electronics, and really anything else that comes to mind. If you’re not sure where to shop on Black Friday, this is a great way to start looking for discounts and supporting those in need.

Support Cruelty-Fre brandsWhere to buy during Black Friday

Black Friday is such a buena forma de apoyar aquellas marcas y tiendas de maquillaje o de ropa que son completamente Cruelty Free, es decir, que no hacen experimentos de sus productos sus animals y tiene un método de production sustenible que no daña a los animals.

The digital age has brought many advancements that we can now read about on various blogs where there are lists of companies that do not test on animals. If you want to be a responsible consumer during Black Friday, you need to know where you are going to buy from the offers you will find in these stores to have a clear conscience.

Read online reviews

The reviews you find online are always helpful, especially for spotting honest sellers from those who aren’t. That’s why, in addition to buying responsibly during Black Friday, we must also be responsible when choosing where we go to buy.

There are online review sites like where you can read all kinds of reviews about different brands as well as how they treated you in a store or how good their products are. The ideal would be to support small eco-responsible businesses during Black Friday, but it is still practical to read the opinions on the internet to find out if the products they sell to the public are indeed good and practical for us.

Buy only what is necessary

Finally, if the rest has already become clear to you, then you should keep in mind that you only buy what you consider necessary. A good tip is to make a list of things you need at the beginning of the year but are not in a rush to buy.

This way, when Black Friday arrives, you can shop calmly and without thinking too much. We are sure that you will have accumulated many household appliances, clothes and other useful things to buy thanks to the offers and discounts that you will surely find on this day.


Buying responsibly on Black Friday is not an easy thing to do, but we all need to work together to stop the crazy, mindless consumerism that not only infects but drives many people to buy and then not use, that is, on a whim.

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