How to save energy in four steps

Energy consumption directly influences our national economy. However, it also has important implications for the future of the planet. Climate change adds to the other symptoms of a cross-cutting problem that concerns us all and which, in the long term, endangers the life of the flora and fauna of our planet. Can we do something? What type of measures can you apply on a daily basis to make a significant contribution to protecting the planet? How can we optimize our consumption and reduce the amount of our bills?

Next, we offer you a selection of practical advice that will be very useful to you. Pay attention!


Evaluate the possibility of installing solar panels in your home and compare the types of energy providers that are available to you.

Solar panels have become particularly accessible in recent years. Its main strength is its simplicity and low maintenance requirements. In a country like Spain, with long periods of solar exposure, this source of energy has become one of the most interesting resources.

However, in the event that, for the moment, this alternative is outside the spectrum of your possibilities, know that you have interesting alternatives to reduce your consumption levels. For example, the installation of efficient low-consumption light bulbs, which can generate savings of up to 80%.

Indeed, consuming 100% green energy is possible without installing photovoltaic panels at home. Accessing specialized platforms such as Elijanio and reviewing high-value industry-related information will help you identify vendors with competitive advantages both economically and in terms of environmental impact.

Adopt good habits when using your devices.

For better performance, it is best to analyze where the main sources of consumption are located in the dwelling. Household appliances are the elements that have the greatest consumption needs. However, our habits can significantly influence the amount of our bill. What do you use them for? How long do they stay on during the day? Learning to identify savings-oriented practices can become an important source of cost reduction.

If, for example, you are going on a long vacation, you can choose to cut off the electricity network during the period of your absence or, at least, disconnect the elements that consume the most, such as the refrigerator.

Home automation can help reduce energy consumption by 30%

One of the most widely held beliefs is that devices that are on “sleep” for long periods of time don’t consume power. In reality, having them connected to the electricity grid can represent an expense of €70 on average per year. Fortunately, the development of technology and home automation can guarantee greater control of consumption by programming effective switching on and off systems that are adapted to the habits and real needs of the home. It is estimated that a home automation system can result in energy savings of up to 30%.


It is estimated that for every kilowatt hour of electricity saved, one kilogram of CO₂ is avoided from being emitted into the atmosphere. Getting into the habit of interrupting the power supply when we are away can lead to savings of up to 10% in consumption. In fact, it is a matter of awareness.

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