How to root and reproduce the avocado tree by cutting it

Surely you want to have an avocado tree at home planted in the garden or in a pot, you may have tried to germinate an avocado tree seed in your kitchen but you have not been able to continue and it can really take a long time. many years to bear fruit.

avocado cutting

And does it make sense to grow the tree without the delicious fruit? We think not! Learn how to propagate avocado by cuttings the RIGHT way and grow your own avocado tree once and for all!


Avocados can be propagated by planting seeds, rooting avocado cuttings, layering and grafting. Avocados sprouted from the bone or from the seed will not always provide us with fruit, it depends a bit on the variety of avocado and planting avocados is not always within everyone’s reach because they do not not sell it in nurseries.

The reproduction of avocado by cuttings is a safer methodsince propagating a new tree from avocado cuttings results in a clone of the parent tree.

Sure, you can go out and buy an avocado sapling, but propagating avocado by cuttings certainly costs less and is a fun gardening experience to start with. Keep in mind that rooting avocado cuttings will still require some patience.

The resulting tree will probably not bear fruit for the first three or four years.

avocado cutting


The first step in reproducing an avocado tree from cuttings is to take a branch from an existing tree in early spring, we can pick it up while walking somewhere or ask a neighbor, he will be happy to give it to us .

To choose the perfect branch to reproduce avocado cuttinglook for new one-year-old growth that is tender and whose leaves are not fully open, cut about 15cm from the branch at an angle or diagonal.

Strip the leaves from the bottom third of the stem you cut and scrape the bottom to remove the outer bark up to a centimeter from the base apart you can make two cross cuts at the base of the stem. This is called “hurting” and will increase the chances of root avocado.

A plus to achieve greater success in propagating avocado by cuttings is to use rooting hormones, one can use a commercial rooting agent or prepare your own homemade rooting with lentils or willow rooting, this will further stimulate the root production from our lawyer.

reproduce the avocado tree by cutting it

For our avocado cutting to be successful, it is essential to prepare the pot well where we are going to have it, for this we are going to mix in equal parts peat, earthworm humus and we will add a 20% pearlite in the pot.

Once we have the pot or pots ready, we will put the stem of our avocado tree in the pot by cutting, for this we will bury a third of the branch that we have cut to reproduce, we press the earth a little at the base of stem and apply good irrigation.

avocado cut

Another success factor is to make a small greenhouse for our pot, we can place a plastic bottle to improve the humidity of the environment and favor its development, we can even put the jar in a plastic bag Transparent to increase humidity.

how to reproduce an avocado by cuttings

Even when covering our avocado tree by cutting it, it is important to always monitor the irrigation and keep the substrate moist, for this we can feel it with our fingers and check that it does not dry out.

We will place our pot or pots (we can make several to increase our chances) in a warm place that receives indirect sunlight, especially if it is summer, this is essential for the success of our avocado cutting.

spent about two weeks or 20 days We can check the success of our avocado cutting. For this, the easiest way, if we see that new leaves have started to grow, is to gently take the stem and pull without too much force. If we notice some resistance to our avocado cutting coming out means it has started to form roots and now you are growing an avocado tree from a cutting.

We will continue to leave our pot for about three more weeks under the same conditions so that the avocado by cutting takes all the strength it needs and, in the process, let’s see if it continues to evolve favorably by taking new roots.

avocado cutting

After this period and with the approach of summer, it is time to transplant our avocado tree into a larger pot where it can grow in the first year or plant it directly in an area of ​​the garden or orchard.


Outdoor avocado trees have needs that must be taken into account before planting them, they are trees that must be planted in the sun sheltered from strong winds with a well-fertilized and well-drained soil.

We must leave space both in the air and on the ground because it is a tree that grows quite high and in roots, do not plant it near other trees.

As for subscription and fertilization, indoor avocado cuttings should be fertilized with liquid fertilizers every three weeks and outdoor trees monthly for the first year. Thereafter, fertilize the tree four times a year and water only when the soil seems dry.

Now that you know how you can reproduce an avocado by cuttings, it’s time to get to work, don’t forget to leave us a comment if you have successfully reproduced an avocado cuttings, you may also be interested by how to reproduce a fig tree by cuttings or even reproduce aromatic plants such as parsley by cuttings or cultivate rue by cuttings.


avocado cutting

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