How to revive the abandoned garden and terraces

Hello friends, in this video we share with you how we are doing to bring the garden back to life, recover the terraces and return to culture after a long period of abandonment.

This summer we got more into mud and building, but little or nothing in the garden, we were limited to eating what little we could harvest and saving it from the ants which were huge.

In this video we show how we use the “chicken tractor”, the laya (biological shovel fork) and manual labor to start over, added to the use of cardboard which is always welcome.

We hope that the content will help you bring the garden back to life, especially to all those people who have experienced the same this season, whether with the vegetable garden or the vegetable garden.

A bonus for this video: how to prevent dogs, cats and chickens from going up on the terraces and defecating there.



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