How to reuse used tea bags

How to reuse used tea bags

Whether you are a person engaged in environment or not, you surely want to be able to get the most out of whatever you use. Today we are going to show you how reuse tea bags once you have prepared the delicious drink.

If you are a tea lover, surely you have thrown away a lot of bags that can be used for other things. We want to share with you some tips that will help you get the most out of it.


How to reuse tea bags as a home remedy.

Tooth and gum pain.

If you have pain in your mouth, either in teeth or gumsyou can use two pre-chilled, moist tea bags to ease this discomfort.

Place the bags where it hurts and squeeze for 10-15 minutes. This will help reduce inflammation and ease the pain a bit.

Remove warts.

tea is rich in antioxidants. Warts dry out and itch the skin. If you drink two cups of tea a day, you help eliminate them.

But do not throw away the sachets once the drink has been prepared. In the same way, these can help you with warts, combine drinking the tea and applying the sachet directly to the wart to get better effect.

The sun is burning.

Place cold black tea bags on the affected part. To act as a refreshing and anti-inflammatory.

Natural anti-inflammatory.

Green, black and chamomile teas have anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to drinking tea, you can use the cold packs to place over the eyes and get rid of the ugly bags under them.

In the same way you can use them by placing them on any inflamed area and leaving them to act for 15 minutes.

How to reuse tea bags as a beauty treatment.

Relaxing bath.

Place several used tea bags in the tub. Fill it with hot water and immerse in it.

Chamomile sachets have a relaxing effect. If you pair them with black or green tea, you can also benefit from the antioxidants they contain.

Hair treatment.

To help fight dandruff, re-boil the tea bags you have already used and rinse your hair with this infusion. For more effectiveness, massage the scalp every evening with a wet tea bag of your choice.

Eliminate wrinkles and acne.

The antioxidants they contain are absorbed directly by placing the cold, moist bags on the skin. Therefore, they can help fade wrinkles and eliminate acne.

How to reuse tea bags at home.

Garden maintenance.

You can use the contents of used tea bags as a natural fertilizer by spreading them on the ground or burying them directly in pots or the garden.

Eliminates bad smells.

Place them in cabinets, drawers, bathrooms or any other place where you want to absorb bad odors. As a result, they will give off a very pleasant subtle aroma.

Make the wood shine.

Prepare an infusion with the tea bags already used. Put it in a spray can and clean the wooden surfaces. In the same way you can use the infusion to shine your floors.

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