How to reproduce the poinsettia by cutting it

The passover flower also known as good night Is federation star among so many other names, it is a plant much loved by all of us, especially at Christmas time. This plant grows both outdoors how to grow it inside inside the house and the poinsettia needs to be cared for so that it looks leafy and especially the flowers come out. We will now show you how we can reproduce the poinsettia by cutting step by step in a simple way.

poinsettia cuttings

It is a temperature-sensitive plant and this is essential in its maintenance and reproduction, apart from the fact that for it to flower, temperatures must be taken into account. The most striking flower of poinsettias is usually red, but it can also be found in other colors such as yellow, white or even pink or pale red.

We are going to show you two different methods to make poinsettia cuttings, although both are really effective, we leave it to you to decide which one you prefer the most, but first we will differentiate between two types of climates since temperatures are important for this process. We will talk about hot climates or cold climates.

poinsettia cutting



The poinsettia water propagation system may be the quickest to achieve not in terms of time but in terms of materials needed, as in both cases we advise you to always take more than one cutting to ensure success. breeding:

make poinsettia cuttings

  1. have a plant passover flower at least 2 years well developed and healthy.
  2. We must observe from the main stem that several canes or secondary stems where the poinsettia grows, we will choose a stem or more of this plant and we will cut it from below.
  3. From each cut stalk we observe that it has many leaves and in many cases a flower stalk, it is very important for the breeding success of the poinsettia by cutting that let’s remove the flowerwe therefore look for the first node descending from the flower and we cut in bevel.
  4. Another important step is reduce leaf massfor this we will cut in half the leaves that come out of the stem in this way the transpiration and the loss of nutrients of the plant will be reduced, thus favoring the formation of new roots.
  5. In a container with water, preferably rainwater, we will put the new cut stems, the ideal is that at least there is covered 1/3 of the new stem we want to get roots even if it’s a little better it will be great.
  6. (optional) To ensure the success of the rooted poinsettiait is ideal to use rooting agents, we can use commercial rooting agents or prepare an excellent aloe vera rooting agent that is very simple to make but really very effective.
  7. Placing the container in an area with indirect light is a fundamental element that does not give it excessive sun for the success of the process. We will also check every few days if we need to change the water or rooting agent or even add water if we see it evaporating.
  8. In a few weeks we will see how our new rods are doing. sprout new roots.

poinsettia root cuttings

As soon as they have more than one root, it’s time to transplant it into its new home, we will use a pot or planter for our poinsettia to grow. we will have made poinsettia cuttings easily.


if you want to have a poinsettia by cuttings using pots instead of using water, it’s more or less the same process although you won’t be able to observe success as clearly as with water because you can see the roots coming out if you can check if the poinsettia cuttings are successful by seeing new leaves and stems sprout.

poinsettia cuttings

For this second method we will repeat the first 4 steps just as in the case of reproduction by water, the method to follow will change as soon as the poinsettia cuttings are obtained.

  1. We will take containers or even better small pots about 10 or 15cm deep that we will fill with a good quality substrate, which will ensure more success in the reproduction of the cuttings.
  2. In each pot and depending on the size we will add a poinsettia cutting or stem, in larger pots we can put several. Do not forget to press the substrate once the stem is inserted so that it adheres well to the trunk.
  3. (Optional) We can irrigate with liquid rooting agents as we mentioned in the previous hypothesis. Lentil rooting is also a good option to promote emergence of roots.
  4. Place the pots in indirect sun, it is never good to place the cuttings in direct sun because it is more difficult to maintain constant humidity, which they need to develop.
  5. Apply frequent wateringif you can every 2 or 3 days if you see that the substrate is starting to dry out.
  6. In the case of cuttings, we can do as we did for the avocado cut and that is that putting a bottle in the greenhouse helps to better maintain the humidity.
  7. In a few weeks we will see how new shoots will appear on our new stems, which will mean that it is a success.
  8. We will leave it for at least 2 months to make sure that the roots have turned well before transplanting.

poinsettia cuttings

From Green Ideas, we hope your poinsettia cuttings are a success, that you can easily reproduce this flower by cutting, and that you enjoy the process very much. Leave us a comment if you have any questions or to tell us how it went for you to reproduce the poinsettia by cuttings.


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