How to recycle metals, what types of metals are recyclable?

If there is something that characterizes this great virtual corner, it is the enduring spirit which he has always supported. On this occasion, we will focus on one of the most necessary and current aspects, the discovery how to recycle metals and which ones allow it.

recycle metals

Did you know that metals can be recycled? We are used to keeping order when it comes to plastic containers, glass, organic waste and even cardboard, however, recycling metals is an aspect that is still unrecognized by many.

And today we’re going to put an end to it, we will show you what types of metals are recyclable and how you can become part of the growing sector of society that knows these techniques and whose action in favor of the environment is worthy of praise.


Recycled metals for a second useful life

Metals are elements that, despite their variety, like the different types of steel that exist, have the particularity that, have the appropriate recycling processes and machinerythey can be processed to recover their usefulness.

From broken or worn tires to anything considered junk, this goes for a growing industry focused on get the most out of this type of metal already theoretically ruled out.

Obviously, to process them, it is necessary to have machines and infrastructures designed for this purpose. We are talking about very hard materials which, even with the wear suffered, are very complex to process and handle.

However, the results obtained once the metals have been recycled are really surprising, because on many occasions we can get a perfectly tested and refurbished item again to be reintroduced into any manufacturing process.

recycle metals

Process and how to recycle metals

For us to see a metal active and reintroduced to the market, it needs to go through a series of basic process to remove any remaining residue it contains, as well as impurities or even oxides.

In the treatment plants, all the waste is crushed, while immediately after it is a magnet that performs the task of separating elements such as aluminum from steelbringing each type of metal to a different recycling stream.

Aluminum melts and reconverts again in products such as soft drink cans, while steel undergoes a similar process until it finds its way into products as varied as tools, spare parts or cans.

If the metal you are going to recycle is free of residues such as paint or any other toxic agent, you can use the yellow container, ideal place for any metal or similar container. In the case of having paint cans or other waste with chemical agents, you will have to go to a clean point.

recycle aluminum

Recyclable metals

There is no doubt that aluminum and steel are two of the most abundant metals in our societyit is therefore not surprising to find them in large quantities when analyzing the waste that we throw into the container.

However, the list of metals that can be recycled does not stop there, because others like iron, copper, lead, gold or silver are also likely to be graded, smelted and reconverted again in a useful product.

It is obvious that the properties of each of them vary the recycling process depending on the sector for which they are intended, however, all meet the necessary conditions to allow us to enjoy it again if you bet on deposit them in their corresponding container.

Now you know what types of metals can be recycled and how you should deal with them. Contributes to the proper functioning of the system start recycling now. You will help the environment and allow all this waste to have a second chance.


recycle metals at home

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