How to plant escarole in the garden

  • Name in Spanish: Endive.
  • Scientific name: Chichorium Endive var. Crispum and Circorium Endive Crispum.
  • Endive is classified as a leaf and bush vegetable, it is a composite.

It is a medium-sized plant that grows spreading on the ground, giving a bush of very curly leaves, of an intense glossy green. When ripe, it takes the form of a half green ball.

With tender and juicy stalks, with a strong slightly spicy flavor. Excellent vegetable for fall and winter salads.



As it is an undemanding plant and will grow well in any type of soil containing humus, its soil does not need a large supply of manure, just compost and plant matter, so the ground as we have it will suffice.

Its support is the small furrow and 30 cm wide will be enough, with a not very large irrigation glass.


Its climate is autumn, but it will grow at any time.


The watering will be moderate and by flooding your glass, it is better not to wet the plant, it does not need too much water.


Its planting is done in a nursery, in a container with substrate, with this plant it is practical to stagger the planting and to make a small seedling every fortnight. By transplanting them with a time gap, we managed to further stretch the harvest. Indeed, they usually ripen at the same time and therefore we will have a longer salad.

The planting frame in the nursery is 4 x 4 cm, once they reach 10 cm they are transplanted to their final support, with a separation of 30 cm between plant and plant in their row.


The maintenance work is like in the others; dig to get oxygen, keep the furrow and the cup in perfect condition, weed the competitors and watch for any parasites and incidents. The escarole in its mature phase can be tied with rubber bands, which is practical, it is necessary to remove the light from the foliage so that the leaves are lighter, of a yellow color, if you want them green they are not tied .


We will harvest them in stages and we will harvest them as they mature, which is why we plant them in the nursery every fortnight.


I buy its seeds in the store, because I do not leave any plants for sowing.


Its conservation is not good because it is ephemeral, but you can use the refrigerator.


There is no composting as only root remains remain, which we will leave to dry, then burn and use for ashes.

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