How to Make Street Tea, Health Benefits and Uses

Today we will discover how to make street tea and what are its health benefits, because this plant has a lot to offer us. However, before continuing reading, be aware that this tea is contraindicated for future mothers, because can cause abortion due to its properties and effects on the body.

street tea

Having clarified this important point and, postponing its enjoyment until the birth of the little one, What do you think if we find out how we can do it at home? It has quite a distinctive flavor and aroma, which makes it unique, just like star anise tea.

Street tea comes from the plant that bears the same name, a plant considered medicinal and aromatic in the world of science and alternative medicine. And if it is so appreciated, it is because its benefits are really interesting, it is also very easy to cultivate the rue and even to reproduce it by cuttings.


How to make street tea at home

To can To make our homemade street tea we will only have to have a pot with boiling water. As soon as we detect that the bubbles are starting to appear in the water, we will add a tablespoon of rue leaves.

Then we will let Bring the water to a boil and adjust the heat so that it remains boiling without protruding from the container. After 10 minutes, we will turn off the heat and strain the contents, separating the leaves from our tea.

do not use sugar, traditional recipes omit to add sugar, your body will appreciate this detail. Then you just need to transfer it to a glass and enjoy it, very careful not to burn yourself while drinking it. Simple, right?

If you think where to buy street leaves, you should know that the marketing of this plant has spread a lot in recent years. You will find it in the big chains, as well as in any specialized store, physically or online. Mercadona street tea is a good option.

street brew

What is street tea for?

The rue has been a plant linked to the world of mysticism for many years, although its great medicinal properties on our body:

  • Effective in relieving pain.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • It facilitates the onset of menstruation and relieves pain.
  • Fight anxiety.
  • Reduce throttle.
  • Relieves joint diseases.
  • Improves the treatment of bacterial infections.
  • Generates improved sleep.

And given that in recent years it has become even more popular, this very common plant has become one of the favorites of those who have a small corner at home and want to grow for consumption.

Benefits of street tea

And since you now know about its interesting properties and applications on some of the most common ailments, maybe it’s time to also discover some of the most remarkable benefits of this plant.

  • Contains vitamin P. Although it is largely unknown to most, vitamin P is characterized by strengthening the resistance of the blood vessels in our body, as well as helping the absorption of vitamin C, another nutrient also present in this plant.
  • strong painkiller. In its composition there is a flavonoid called quercetin, which has antioxidant properties as well as painkillers. It helps considerably in reducing pain.
  • Reduces anxiety levels. While eucalyptus tea is good for respiratory problems, rue essential oil contains soothing properties. Undecanone, methyl ketone and methyl nonyl ketone are substances that reduce anxiety levels.
  • Improved sleep. Given its prior properties, street tea is ideal for those who cannot fall asleep once in bed.
  • Normalizes the menstrual cycle. In addition to relieving your pain, rue can help stimulate menstruation. Although it is important to remember to talk to the doctor first if we are going to consume it for these purposes.

street tea

And we could go on and on about many more health benefits, since also has antispasmodic propertiesideal for fighting muscle pain or menstrual cramps.

Whatever, now you have reasons to make street tea and, in addition to enjoying its essence and aroma, enjoy all the properties and benefits it provides to the body. We will also take this opportunity to recommend the marshmallow infusion, a real wonder.

And don’t forget to postpone street tea during pregnancy, as it is also considered an abortifacient herb. Besides, It is always advisable to consult your doctor first to find out what and how you can consume this tea without putting your health at risk.because excessive consumption could also be harmful.


street tea for health

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