How to make homemade chamomile shampoo in 4 steps

Chamomile shampoo (or chamomile shampoo as it is called in some countries) is ideal for healthy hair. Keep in mind that healthy habits aren’t just about good diet and exercise. At all times, we are exposed to toxic products, especially those we use for our personal hygiene.

We have already given on several occasions non-toxic alternative recipes, which we can make at home, to replace products sold in supermarkets whose composition we do not know.

A good homemade shampoo is always a way to keep beautiful hair in a natural and inexpensive way.

chamomile shampoo

Cosmetics purchased in perfumeries are not always the best. Therefore, we are going to learn a homemade chamomile shampoo recipe, which will leave your hair shiny and smooth.

Commercial shampoo produces a lot of suds and contamination. It is difficult to find 100% natural products in perfumeries and markets. And the existing ones, of course, are quite expensive.

Bahman Karimzadeh, an American hairstylist from Los Angeles, supports the theory that you can live without shampoo:

“My scalp is dirty, greasy. I have to wash it! It’s enough! We have to overcome this obligation because it is only a feeling. The American hairdresser only uses shampoo once a week and admits that his life has improved a lot, his hair is softer and cleaner than when he used it every day.

My colleague Chenina used the No-poo method for a while, which she tells you about in the post below, which consists of simply washing with baking soda and vinegar.

Now, if they don’t want to be so natural, they can prepare this type of recipe that at least guarantees that we know what we are putting on our scalp.


Benefits of chamomile for hair

Chamomile revitalizes the scalp, nourishes and strengthens hair follicles. In this way, this plant and its properties stimulate hair growth, so that the locks are more abundant, thick and healthy.

In addition to chamomile shampoo, chamomile infusion or tea can be used as an effective hair rinse that improves hair color, as it provides natural highlights.

chamomile shampoo recipe

Now yes, let’s move on to the homemade chamomile shampoo recipe. first the ingredients then the preparation which is very simple.


  • Half a liter of well-charged chamomile tea.
  • Three or four tablespoons of grated neutral soap.
  • A tablespoon of glycerine (to emulsify).
  • A few drops of chamomile essential oil.

Preparation of homemade chamomile shampoo

  1. Prepare the chamomile tea so that it is very concentrated and strong.
  2. While the infusion is still very hot, add the grated neutral soap. Mix well until completely dissolved.
  3. Once the shampoo is a little colder and the soap is dissolved, we add the glycerin (which will act as an emulsifier) ​​and, later, the essential oil of chamomile, which will end up giving an aroma and the presence of this powerful herb. .
  4. Bottle, mix well and leave for about two days so that the aromas and all the ingredients blend into the shampoo.

Chamomile has properties both to lighten hair and to contribute to your general well-being. This recipe can be used without problems by everyone. There are no contraindications to this homemade, non-toxic chamomile shampoo.

chamomile shampoo

Did you know the properties of chamomile shampoo? Do you have any experience of using it? As we always say, leave it in the comments, may we and our readers benefit from contributions that expand our knowledge of medicinal plants.

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