How to make homemade automatic chicken waterers

When we talked about chickens the other day, we talked about the gratitude of having them for a farm, not only to have homemade eggs or not, but for the joy that comes from combining the rural world with the animal world .

automatic waterers for chickens

Of course, today the time we have to take care of our gardens and our animals is scarcer and therefore the automatic waterers for chickens. These homemade chicken waterers will not only allow us to reduce daily attention but will also have another series of advantages:

  • The water will always be clean (they do not get stained with grain, mud,…)
  • When the water stagnates and does not move generate bacteria while in this way the water is still circulating
  • Avoid them waste of water

These chicken waterers are the perfect addition to Automatic homemade chicken feeders which we talked about in another article. Although its elaboration may seem a bit cumbersome, it is much simpler than it seems and for this we can see it in this video on how to make a chicken waterer.



First of all, the number of hens to be fed must be taken into account, because the container, drum or pail choose will be bigger or smaller. For 3-4 hens we chose a 30l drum in which we will put 8 water vending machines. If we wanted to put fewer distributors, we could also, because for 3-4 hens with 6 it would even be worth it.

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  • Durable Quality: The poultry cup is made of high quality plastic, which is strong, sturdy, eco-friendly, durable and long lasting.
  • Easy to Install: There are screws in the package, which are easy to install, saving your labor and time. Improve reproductive efficiency
  • Removable: Removable chicken waterer, easy to clean and replace, can provide clean water for chickens.
  • Automatic Chicken Feeder: The chicken valve on the waterer automatically releases water into the plastic cup. Each piece is well connected and will not leak
  • Wide Application: Suitable for drinking fountains for ducks, chickens, quails, pigeons, parrots, birds and other poultry.


To make this homemade automatic chicken waterer, we used a drill or screwdriver battery with a wood drill the thread size of water dispensers. We will also use a marker pen mark and silicone to seal the holes well.


Step 1. We mark and make holes in the drum

The first thing we are going to do is mark the holes where the distributors are going to go. To do this, we mark, depending on the number of distributors that we are going to place, in the most balanced way and that they are all approximately the same distance from each other.

As for the height, it should be at the height of the hen’s crop. Keep in mind that the trough is going to be placed on two cement blocks.

We can start with a smaller bit and increase it little by little, but never use a larger one than the part screwed on the distributor, because we will damage the drum.

chicken drinkers

Step 2. We put the dispensers and seal them

We place vending machines by screwing them with the wing nut inside the box. No tools are required as they are screwed tight by hand. Once placed, we seal them all with siliconeboth inside and outside to prevent water leakage.

automatic chicken waterers

Step 3. We breed the homemade automatic waterer for chickens

It is important to raise the automatic waterer for chickens, on the one hand to make it comfortable to drink and on the other hand to direct the water away from the ground where it accumulates with dirt and grime.

homemade chicken waterers

Step 4. We add water and close the automatic chicken drinker

We fill the entire container with water, making sure that the water arrives in the automatic drinkers and when all is well, we close the container hermetically and thus ensure that the contents are preserved.

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  • The drinker has automatic water supply control. Spring switch with spool valve, which pours water into the bowl as soon as it touches the spring. Automatically stops water supply when water is full.
  • Self-feeding plastic cups do not require frequent cleaning and refilling. This is an innovative way to feed birds or chickens to provide them with fresh water. Using can save your time and effort.
  • Chicken waterers can be easily converted to side or bottom racks. Upper and lower connections adopt snap-in design, easy to disassemble, clean and replace. Suitable for poultry such as chickens, birds, pigeons, quails, etc.
  • We care about every customer’s feelings. If you have any pre-sales or after-sales questions about the product, please contact us, we will definitely solve the problem for you.

Step 5. We make the necessary changes

Once we have installed the homemade chicken waterer, we must have it for a reasonable time during which we will have to observe how the chickens react to it.

First of all, give them time to adapt, but also observe if there is a problem with the accessibility or stability of the automatic waterer and modify it as necessary to correct it.

This feeder is ideal if you want to have chickens at home, we also offer you more than 30 homemade chicken coop ideas that you can make at home, and have the chickens as happy as possible.


automatic chicken waterers

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