How to make homemade and natural paint

Today’s paints are really toxic, just read the warnings on the labels. But for centuries man has been using paint, so there are several natural elements with which one can paint, it is enough to know which ones and how, this is the objective of this article.

There are multiple recipes and ingredients and preparation methods, I will focus on three that cover almost all needs.

How to make homemade and natural paint 1


Oil painting.

Mainly used for wood, it leaves a shiny finish, it can be made with various oils but the most recommended is linen, it is mixed with mineral type pigments or it can be used alone if a protective effect is required, for exterior wood protection we can even use used cooking oil with good results.

Milk paint.

It is used for wooden and cement or earthen walls, it is made with casein and pigments.

Heat two cups of whole milk with a tablespoon of vinegar over low heat. Don’t let it boil. The milk will curdle. Discard the yellowish whey (it can be used to make bread instead of water) and put the rest in a fine filter (the ones in the coffee maker work). The next day we should have about 100g of a white thing called curd.

One can add a teaspoon of borax to give it antibacterial properties, then stir until it looks like yogurt, otherwise add water little by little until you get the desired consistency.

In another container, we put about 150 g of powdered chalk with a little more than 1/2 cup of water. Once the chalk is ready, mix everything together and add the pigments to give it color.

Remember that the color fades once dry, it is necessary to give several coats and leave a few hours of drying between coats, at the end you can give a coat of colorless wax, to waterproof and make the paint last longer .

It’s cheap, organic, it smells bad at first because of the milk, it covers well, it looks good.

lime paint best for walls

Undoubtedly my favorite for walls. To prepare 10 liters of a good paint, you need 2 to 4 kilos of hydrated lime, 1 kg of coarse salt, 250 cc of vinyl glue which will serve as a fixative, it can be replaced by a few cups of powdered milk and water, after mixing well and having the desired texture, add the pigments and stir again, the lime must be stirred occasionally, otherwise it sticks to the bottom and does not paint evenly .

It’s cheap, disinfectant and lets the walls breathe.

These would be the main ones, but I will add one more, which I find very interesting.

potato painting

Cook about 150g potato, remove the skin and make a mash, then add a cup and a half of boiling water, more or less, mix well and pass through a fine sieve removing all the lumps, you should have a mixture viscous.

In a separate container we mix 150 grams of powdered chalk with a glass of cold water, then we add the pigments and finally we mix everything with the potato and our paint is ready, you can also put a teaspoon linseed oil soup for wood, to make it more waterproof and shiny, it is used for walls, wood and paper, natural, cheap and durable.

As you can see, there is a wide range of possibilities, natural, economical and non-polluting to paint our house, our furniture, etc.

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