How to make foaming soap without glycerin

If there’s anything that drives little ones crazy it’s soap bubbles and the bigger the better, in fact they are often impressed to observe their size and chase them to pop them .

how to make foaming soap without glycerinIf you’re tired of the typical bottles they sell that constantly spill over, which are also expensive and hard to get, we’ll show you how to make bubble soap without glycerin, for your homemade bubbles with accessible ingredients.


How to make homemade soap bubbles without glycerin and resistant

On the net you will find many sites where you are taught how to prepare soap to make homemade bubbles with glycerin with all the dangers that entails and that it is not always easy to find.

That’s why we offer you how to make foaming soap without glycerin, to do it without having to buy any ingredient, since you probably have them all at home.

To prepare any amount of homemade bubble soap without glycerin that you want, we will apply the following proportions:

  • 5 parts water i.e. 5 glasses or cups or mugs.
  • 1 part extra strength gel (It is important that it is extra strong).
  • 1/2 part dish soap (The one that went best for us is that of the fairies).

You won’t need anything else. We told you that we were going to explain how to make foaming soap without glycerin and that it was super simple, so you’ll see. You will only have to mix the ingredients well and wait about 10 minutes to be able to use it.

Even better, thanks to the gum in the glycerin-free bubble mix, the bubbles are super durable and you can use almost any surface to blow your bubbles.

We even tried it with a roll of toilet paper, so imagine. There is no excuse to try them. If you want to blow giant bubbles keep reading, it’s not lost.

how to make homemade soap bubbles without glycerin


To make giant bubbles, now that you know how to make foaming soap without glycerin, that is to say that we already have the essentials of this mixture, we are missing a very important part, which is what to make the bubbles .

To be able to make giant soap bubbles you can use a multitude of objects. The bigger the better. We tested with old tennis or badminton rackets, even with old bicycle wheels, and it can be done perfectly.

But surely we don’t all have that at home. So what do you think if I tell you that with two sticks and a string (preferably cotton) you can make giant and incredible soap bubbles.

how to blow bubbles without glycerin

To do this, we will join the rope in a circular way and pass through the sticks. It is ideal that the part of the circumference above is united with a smaller radius, so that it could be said to have more of an egg shape than a circle, as you can see on the pictures.

This will make it much easier and more adaptable to dip it in our glycerin-free bubble soap mix. Much more than, for example, with a racket or a bicycle wheel, because in these cases we would need a huge and extensive container. With the case of this method of sticks and ropes, it can be adapted to quite narrow containers.

We won’t need to blow either, just taking out the moistened rope we will start to separate the sticks and go around, turn or walk. The very action of the movement will cause these giant bubbles to form that will leave everyone speechless.

If we do not want to use all this, we can also use, as we mentioned before, the cardboard of a roll of paper. Although in this case the giant soap bubbles will not come out, they will be much larger than the classic Pompero.

We hope you find these green ideas useful and that you really enjoy a day of bubbles!


homemade foaming soap without glycerin

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