How to make essential oils at home

How to make essential oils at home

Homemade essential oils can be made with different methods, today we know one with which you can make your own essential oils at home.

The first of these is steam distillation and the second is solvent extraction. In this article We’ll show you how to make essential oils at home using the steam distillation method.

The home procedures for preparing essential oils found on the internet do not resemble real essential oils. It is actually more of a flavored vegetable oil preparation system.

We will show you a procedure closer to maceration to produce a real essential oil.



make essential oils you need a distiller. You can make one using an old pressure cooker or buy a distiller for this purpose.

Distillers are generally expensive, but they increase the yield of oil production compared to the pressure cooker.

So if you use a commercial distiller, increases the quality of essential oils.

How to make essential oil.

With the distiller you can prepare essential oil of lavender, mint, rosemary or any other species you want. However, for preparing citrus oils like orange, tangerine, lemon, it is not as useful.

For citrus fruits, it is best to use the pressure extraction method. The oil in this case is not extracted from the leaves, but from the bark. In the case of orange blossom, orange blossom or neroli oil, the oil is extracted from the leaves.


How to make essential oil.Distillation of essential oils. Image: Sruilk Shutterstock

you need to the freshest and most tender parts of the plant. Try to choose plants that are free of herbicides and pesticides, so prefer organic plants. In fact it is much better if the plants come from your garden.

If you have a large number of plants to make essential oils, you can let them dry. In this way, the volume of plants is reduced and labor time is saved.

There are methods for drying plants or you can buy them dry at once.

To make essential oils, it is not necessary to dry the plants, it is recommended in case of working with a large amount of herbs.

How to use the distiller.

You should use unscented distilled water and pour it into the reservoir or still. Add herbs, depending on the type of plant The process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 hours.. You need to make sure not to clog the evaporation hole.

Wait the time necessary to extract the oil, using a small vial.


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