How to make an easy birdhouse or nest step by step

If you like to watch birds or even want to attract them to your garden, the best way is to provide them with good shelter and a home for them to stay. So if you want to know how to make a bird house or a bird nest, we will prepare a simple project.

how to make a nest for birdsIt is a house or a nest with PVC pipes, which we will see step by step how to make it, so that you can reproduce it at home and enjoy the company of the birds and their song in the spring.



We don’t really need a lot of tools to make these birdhouses or nests. Although it’s much easier with your own tools or those indicated for working with PVC, anyone with a few basic tools can make this nest. Then I leave you with the materials and tools we need.

how to make a bird's nest


Step 1: Cut and sand the exterior

To start making a birdhouse, we will measure and mark the outside of the birdhouse. In this case we have put a length of 20 cm, so if you have more than one tube, you can make several birdhouses and place them in the garden.

We will draw a 60º diagonal on one of the sides starting from 20 cm, so as to protect the entrance to the nest a little from predators and bad weather.

How to make a bird house

Once marked with the hand saw, we will cut the tube and later we will file it with the metal file, to smooth the edges and eliminate lumps and defects, which could harm the birds.

how to make a house for birds easily

We will also take advantage of this moment to use the 100 grit sandpaper and we will clean the surface of the tube, eliminating the letters, numbers and other writings that the tube contains and we will leave it ready. It’s also good for the paint, since the porosity that remains after sanding will help the paint soak up much better. Be sure to grind the entire surface, including the inner corner that we have left, which will protect the birds.

how to make a bird's nest

Step 2: Preparing the front and back of the nest

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It’s time to prepare the facade of the homemade birdhouse. For this we will use a wooden disk of the diameter of the PVC tube, so that it fits perfectly.

The thickness we used for the wood is 2 cm. The front piece will need the main hole for the bird to enter and the back piece will need ventilation holes.

With an electric drill fitted with a 30 mm drill bit, make a hole in one of the woods that will be the facade. Don’t do it in the middle, but it’s better to do it on one side, then place the block where the birds will perch.

how to make a homemade bird's nest

Once the entrance to the bird’s nest has been made, you can drill with a slightly smaller diameter, where the block will go where the birds will perch (the perch). Just below the entrance to the homemade bird’s nest, once the holes are made, the wood can be painted (not like me that I made a mistake and painted it before and I had to repeat)

how to make a nest for birds

In the other piece of wood that will be the back part, what we will do with the 3 mm wicks will be the ventilation of the nest. You can make as many as you want, but I think it’s more aesthetic and it’s enough to put 3 on the piece of wood.

how to make a bird's nest

Step 3: Paint the PVC Bird’s Nest Pieces

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Choose two paint colors that you like. One we will use for the PVC and the other for the front and back of our birdhouse. In a well-ventilated area on a covered work surface, spray paint the PVC. Let it dry while you paint the rest of the pieces.

how to make birdhouses

With the wood we will do the same, we will paint it on both sides with the paint and let it dry.

house bird house

While they are drying, we can prepare the perch for the birds to perch on. We will use a block of wood about 6 cm long. The thickness should not be much more than one centimeter. We will also take the opportunity to paint it the color we want.

make a birdhouse

Step 4: Assembly of the PVC birdhouse

With PVC glue we will glue the back and the front of the birdhouse. To do this, we must first check that they fit perfectly. The back will be the easiest. We simply edge with the glue in the area where it will go and we will lay the wood.

make a house for the birds

For the front part to be properly mounted, we will use a square to check that it is perfectly straight. We mark 90º with respect to the base of the birdhouse and we will put the glue and the front part of our birdhouse. You can also take the opportunity to put a little glue on the hanger and stick it to the front.

how to make a bird house

Step 5: How to place a PVC bird’s nest

We have already seen how to make a birdhouse, now it’s time to see how to place it. To do this, we will make some holes with the drill in the upper part of the PVC tube. The drill bit we will use will be the same or a bit smaller than the screw eyelets or hooks we have. We will make a hole about 7 cm from the front and another about 7 cm from the back. It may be tempting to just dig a hole, but the house won’t be stable for a bird that decides to nest there.

how to make a wooden birdhouse

To hang it we will use a rope paracord or one that is very resistant. We will cut a piece 60 cm long, burn the edges so that it does not fray. We’ll pass it through the two eyelets and tie a knot at the top, as seen below:

bird house

Well, we already have our PVC bird’s nest ready. Place it in a discreet place, where few people pass or where there is not much noise. Ideally, place it facing south (if you are in the northern hemisphere), so that the birds receive sunlight.

how to make an easy birdhouse

We hope these green ideas inspire and encourage you to create a birdhouse in your garden, or simply make them and place them in parks and enjoy the song and company of the birds.

diy birdhouse


how to make a birdhouse

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