How to make an automatic waterer for chickens or pets

Hi friends! Finally I bring you the video of making a homemade waterer for chickens or animals that I have been promising for several months, I have been delayed by other projects and because I was testing a prototype that manifested all kinds of problems. design and hardware errors, I didn’t go to share the progress just so they don’t waste time with my experiments.

At the same time it was necessary to bring electricity and water to the sector and to collect all the new materials, I will bring you other videos on the subject and even other drinking fountains without the use of electricity shortly.

The model that I present to you is the first that I dare to share with you and it has solved many of the typical problems of water fountains in general. In this video on how to make a homemade waterer for chickens or animals, I share the step by step, from the tank we are going to bury, why we need to be careful about certain materials, all about the connections and the water pump. water which I used, of which by the way I leave you the model here 👉 Rs932 820 Lh 1.8M if it reaches 1.2 meters it reaches just enough and you will be a little limited with the design but it will work, even if the truth is that there is no price difference, they are very cheap and consume 18w

About the transfer water pump, there are many models in the market, they are searched as 👉 Water Pumps for Drills on Google.

Regarding BI-LAYER and TRIC-LAYER water tanks, not only darkness is sought, but also that the first layers of the tank, those in contact with water, are made of materials that provide drinking water, external plastics may not be suitable for storing water, but they would only provide darkness and structure.

I hope I was clear in the explanation, you know that I always make an effort in this and I am surely wrong in some terms or statements but these are details, the important thing as I said is to keep dark water so that only then can we talk about sanitation in the water.


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