How to make a radio out of a glass bottle

radio with glass bottle

Is it possible to build a radio out of a glass bottle and work without batteries? Apparently yes. As proof, this MAKE project which will surely make you try it (it works without electricity and you also reuse a bottle).

It is called a ‘Featured Project’, which means that for the MAKE team it is exceptional. The video gives you step-by-step instructions for building the radio. You need very little material: a board, some nails, a few meters of wire and, of course, a bottle. Once you complete it, you will have an AM radio that you can listen to wherever you have access to the airwaves.

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It’s a good start to getting started in the hobby of creating objects by the “do it yourself” (DIY) procedure. There are actually many ways to make a crystal radio, from evolutions of the galena radio; It’s just one of them. If you can find a 365pF variable capacitor, you can try making a crystal radio like this.

bottle radio

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