How to make a paper airplane that flies long

How to make a paper airplane that flies long

Sometimes the simplest things are the ones that inspire the most and that kids have the most fun with. This is the case with paper airplanes Who didn’t spend long hours playing with them when they were little?. We must try not to lose these types of educational games, because the same child is the one who can make his own plane.

The child will first have fun making his own plane and then playing with it. Here we leave you the step-by-step manufacturing instructions:

Important!!! Consider using recycled paper or reusing used sheets 😉


How to make a paper plane.

You will be surprised how easy it is to make this paper airplane.

Materials needed.

The only thing you need to make this plane is a sheet of papermuch better if it’s recycled paper.


Only it will take you a few minutes to do let’s go!

  1. The first thing to do is find a sheet of paper.

    So much the better if it is a sheet that you are going to reuse.

  2. Then take the sheet and fold it in the center.
  3. Then open it again and fold one of the corners in half to form a triangle.
  4. The next step is to mark the folds you make in the paper with your fingernail.
  5. Now open the sheet again and repeat with the other corner.
  6. Mark again with your fingernail.
  7. Open the sheet again.

    You should have all the fold marks.

  8. Join all the marks so that there are two triangles, one above and one below.
  9. You must mark these triangles well with your hand.
  10. Once you have the two triangles together, fold the tip of both inwards.
  11. Fold the entire sheet in half, taking care to make the marks.
  12. Fold one side of the paper outward like a wing.
  13. You also need to be sure to bend it leaving half a finger outside the base of the plane.

    Repeat with the other side.

  14. Bend the tips of the loose eyelashes a little.
  15. Open the sheet and you will see how you have already built the wings.
  16. The next step is to take out the beak you bent at the beginning and flatten it with your finger.
  17. Then fold it forward, forming a triangle.
  18. Then, press down with your fingers, joining the tips.

Ready you already have a paper airplane that flies long and the kids will love it.

How to make an easy paper airplane for kids.

I share with you a model so that you can make a very nice paper plane for children.

How to make an easy paper airplane for kids.

A children’s model with instructions for the Origami paper folding game. Do not use sheets of white paper, use sheets of paper that have already been used, so that you can reuse and recycle them. With these projects, you can develop children’s skills for manual labor.

Models for making a paper airplane.

Model 1.

How to make a paper plane

Model 2.

Model 3.

Model 4.

Model 5.

Model 6.

Model 7.

Model 8.

Model 9.

Model 10.

Image: Depositphotos.

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