How to make a net out of plastic bottles

How to make a net out of plastic bottles

Even if you don’t believe it, with plastic bottles you can create a colorful and eye-catching net. We’ll show you how to do it.


Network with plastic bottles.

A decorative way to recycle plastic bottles is to do this project. Follow step by step and start building your colorful network now.


  • The first thing you should have are 3 plastic bottles of different colors.
  • Also five pucks.
  • Also a cutter blade without handle
  • 2 screws.
  • You also need a ruler
  • Finally a square plank of wood.


Cutting tool.

  • To start, open two holes in the wooden board.
  • Then place two washers one above the other in one of the holes. Then place the blade of the cutter on which you will have made a hole.
  • The next step is to drive the screw through the hole until it is screwed into the wood.
  • Then place two more washers in the next hole in the wood.
  • Then the other end of the cutting blade with another hole made.
  • You should also place a washer on the blade of the cutter and thread the screw until it is screwed to the wood.

With this you will cut the plastic strips.

How to cut.

  • To start, you need to cut the bottles in half.
  • Then, holding the bottles by the spout, insert them into the side of the tool that has 3 washers.
  • The next step is to start spinning the bottle while pulling the plastic string you get.
  • Finally you must do the same procedure with each of the bottles.

How to arm.

  • Start by taking the ruler and marking every 3 cm.
  • Then place the plastic on the edge of the ruler.
  • Then hold the edge with pliers.
  • The next step is to zigzag across the plastic, moving it from one mark to the next.
  • Having reached the end of the ruler, now start burning with a lighter, without melting the plastic.
  • Take it out of the ruler below, keeping the shape it got.
  • You should also do the same with each color of plastic.
  • Then with two tweezers take the ends of the first color.
  • The next step is to start weaving the mesh, interspersing the colors, joining the ends of the resulting strips.
  • Finally weave the mesh to the size you want.

You will get a mesh of the size and color you want which is very decorative.

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