How to make a Japanese lamp with recycled materials

Japanese lamp with recycled materials

With recyclable materials you can make an economical and very decorative Japanese lamp. If the project encourages you, we will tell you how to make it by following our instructions.


Japanese lamp with recycled materials.

It is a very decorative and original lamp, you have to take the necessary precautions since it is made of cardboard. Besides you need to make an electrical connection, so take your precautions and enjoy your new lamp.

Materials needed.

We will first talk about the tools you will use

  • Glue gun.
  • Craft knives will also be needed.
  • However, you must have scissors.
  • Finally to complete the list of tools a nail clipper or diagonal wire cutter.

Now on to the rest of the material.

  • To start, you should have 2-ply corrugated cardboard.
  • The paper, whichever you choose, can also be white sheet or kraft paper.
  • Skewers sticks, you can also use bamboo sticks.
  • You should also purchase a straight bulb connector and socket.
  • To complete the connection, you need 2 meters of flexible cable, a switch and a light bulb.


With a little work and some recycled materials, we can make this beautiful Japanese-style lamp. For those who like it and want to try it out, the following link has the making instructions:

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