How to make a homemade egg incubator for chickens

Raising our own chickens in a home incubator is much easier than it looks. For all those who are passionate about hens and chicken farming, we offer you an interesting model to incubate your own eggs in a simple, homemade and cheap way, by building your own homemade egg incubator with bottles of eggs. ‘water.

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How to make a homemade chicken incubator

To make a homemade incubator, we will not need a lot of materials. We are going to show you two very interesting different models. In fact, almost everything we are going to do with plastic bottles and some very simple electronic circuits to reproduce.

For the eggs of our hens to reach term, they must be 21 days at more or less constant temperatures and constant humidity, without great variation for the formation of the hen to be satisfactory.

This video on how to make a homemade egg incubator with a water bottle shows the process of hatching the chick inside. Keep the temperature in the home incubator between 37°C and 41°C and the humidity between 50% and 65%

It is important to turn on the incubator 3 to 4 times daily during the first 18 days of incubation. The chicks hatch from the eggs (hatching) between 20 and 24 days. Homemade egg incubators are a big hit within the community, and the truth is that in many cases they are still easy to make.

But they have the problem of having a low success rate compared to sales people. This happens due to temperature losses or moisture loss. But why not try to save some money? Along with the satisfaction of doing it ourselves, of course.

how to make a homemade incubator

Here we leave you another interesting model of a homemade incubator. You can do it with a bottle of water. The good thing about this incubator is that it is used for any type of bird egg from a quail, chicken or even a duck.

And while we see the process of their birth, it was also interesting to see how a chick was born without a shell.

Although this does not depend solely on the quality of the incubator, it is important to remember that in any group of eggs there will be some that will not hatch, for all sorts of reasons that do not have nothing to do with the home incubator: low fertility levels, time of year, poor storage, infecting bacteria, porous eggs, etc. And very important if you want to be successful, they must be fertile eggs.


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We hope this DIY idea of green ideas It will serve you and if you dare to make the incubator at home, leave us a comment! Don’t forget to share it on your networks!

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