How to make a clay oven. Downloadable PDF and full tutorial

For all the gourmands who have the taste of real foodtoday we offer you a tutorial on how to make a clay oven for cooking with wood, as well as a PDF to download with the plans and much more.

how to make a clay oven pdf

Clay ovens are making a comeback in many gardens and farms because it’s an amazing way to cook our food. It even helps us to prepare excellent bread, with a flavor and texture that we will not obtain in any conventional oven.

If you want to learn how to make an easy clay oven, do not miss this article, because here you will also learn the basic rules and notions of how it works. Follow step by step how to do it from the beginning, without any prior knowledge, and you will have a very efficient homemade oven.


Make a clay oven for cooking with firewood

The process forbuild a wood oven it’s funny. There may be other methods and ways of doing things, with higher budgets. However, these forms that we have chosen, these are the most accessible and complete, although you can always add your own personal touch.

As you go through the steps, you’ll see images that will help you get an idea of ​​the process. So you can really visualize what we’re doing.

how to make a clay oven

How to make an easy clay oven

First of all, you need to find a free space that can accommodate the wood-fired oven, like a little corner in the garden. In addition to other elements such as natural stones, the bigger the better, because with them we will make the basis of what our oven will be.

You will need clay, a clay mortar to be able to shape the structure, sand, bricks and countless other elements which, fortunately for you, in this version you will hardly need them. We will do everything with recycled and natural elements, so your budget will not exceed 20-30 euros.

What do you think? Have a wood-fired oven at home, where you can bake your breads and create the best pizzas in townis now at your fingertips.

So, let’s get to work and start building our new baking wonder, the one that will allow you to cook food in a much more traditional, healthy and tasty way.

Stage 1. Development of the land and its base

In order to have a resistant and durable oven, it is essential to create a sturdy and firm base. The first thing we are going to do is decide to stack some stones and a cement mix. You can also opt for stacked pallets, an interesting option.

clay kilns

We opt for stones which, with a good mixture of cement or clay, we manage to create a sufficiently resistant base as if to support the weight.

We stack the stones and create the base at the height that suits us best, which we can work on later.

On the base already created, we will put glass bottles in a stacked and continuous way, until they create a new surface. Then we fill and flatten with clay.

how to make an easy clay oven

Step 2. Firebricks

The refractory bricks will be placed on it, as you can see in the picture. They will take care of holding your pizza and bread trays. That is why they must be heat resistant.

we place them create a new flat base who will be the one who will determine the width and depth of our wood oven. The ideal would be to have an oven that allows us to enjoy at least one diameter between 50 and 60 centimeters.

Set of 4 fireplace, pizza oven, barbecue, stove... Set of 4 fireplace, pizza oven, barbecue, stove…

  • Set of 4 fireproof bricks specially made of high temperature vermiculite
  • Suitable for use on fireplaces and stoves indoors and on barbecues, grills, fire pits and pizza ovens in the garden.
  • Can be cut to any shape or size

Now we have our dry base, the stones as support, the bottles with clay and in addition the perfectly aligned bricks. All this will create a flat and homogeneous surface.

Stage 3. The dome, sand and clay, inseparable friends

With our base ready, we will focus on creating the dome, which will be formed by wet sand. We will make the pile and we will shape it, marking the future door through which we will introduce food.

how to make a wood oven

When we have the dome ready, we will cover it with damp newspaper, which will allow us to create a separation later with the next layer, which we will add.

We will mix 3 parts of clay for 1 of water and we will create a kind of modeling clay. To this we can add a little straw, an economical and accessible element.

When you have the mixture ready, surround the dome with a layer of it. About 10 centimeters thick. Check how your oven is shaping up!

Step 4. Mold to your liking and have the door

Given that clay is completely malleablenow you will create all the decorative elements and shapes you want in the dome. Your hands will take care of creating authentic wonders.

How to build a clay oven

Once the dome is created, all you have to do is empty the sand inside and remove it. First, make sure your clay mixture has dried, or else you will watch the furnace collapse in seconds.

To create the door, you can use many options, we choose not to includebut there are models in which a very resistant and thick piece of wood of the same dimension as the frame you left for the door is incorporated.

You can decorate this door by creating an arch of bricks, by putting wooden slats or by letting the shape that your hands have given to the clay be the symbol of your skill and your creativity.

Step 5. Wood oven ready to burn

you just have to start the fire so that the heat itself does the rest. This will be the inaugural fire of your new wood-fired oven. The walls of it will reinforce themselves and in just a few hours you will have your new work ready.

Giemme Spoleto 430-5-3338-085-imb Set of 5 blades for... Giemme Spoleto 430-5-3338-085-imb Set of 5 blades for…

  • This set is ideal for cooking 33 cm pizzas. Ø and for ovens depth 70/80 cm.
  • Rectangular pizza shovel, plate 33 x 38 cm in stainless steel (Aisi 430), stick in 18/10 stainless steel, handle in beech wood
  • Round pole for turning the baking pizza, stainless steel plate Ø 22 cm (Aisi 430), stainless steel stick, beech wood handle
  • Brush with brass bristles, 18/10 stainless steel handle, beechwood handle
  • Coal shovel, galvanized steel head, 18/10 stainless steel handle, beech handle

Choose the first food to cook wellbecause we will remember it forever. Baking bread or pizza could be the perfect excuse to get your friends together and test the results of that job.

how to make a clay oven pdf

In addition to this model we just saw, I share this guide on how to make a clay oven (PDF), a guide we attach below.

We are going to make a simple but very functional oven, ideal to start making a traditional oven. The steps to make the oven and that we will find explained in the guide are as follows:

  • Prepare the base for the oven: Undoubtedly, the most important element is to choose the site well and to prepare a suitable base to support the whole oven.
  • Materials for the construction of the oven: He explains to us what basic materials we will need for its construction: mud, glass, bricks, clay…
  • How to prepare the oven dome: how to prepare the base and the bricks that will form the dome.
  • Last phase, the fireplace: how to place it correctly for correct handling of the oven.
  • First power-up: Make a first ignition to finish our oven and check the temperatures.
  • Receipts: The best recipes for the oven come in this guide and it is a fundamental part that could not be missing. Make pizzas, bread, cookies etc…


Below we leave you the link to download the complete guide to make your terracotta oven in PDF and the plans so free. Feel free to send it to anyone who wants to build their own oven.

wood oven plan pdf

Imagine being able to eat real bread, homemade bread. Cooking this type of food in your own oven gives it an incomparable flavor. There’s nothing better than having our own oven at home.

We hope you are green ideas help and serve you to be more self-sufficient with a healthier and healthier diet with this homemade wood-fired oven that you can easily build.


clay oven

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