How to maintain vitality in old age

Aging, getting old is something inevitable and necessary, you have to understand that life is made up of life and death at the same time, everything is cyclical and each step is important.

Now we can have a lot of help and age more slowly or with a better quality of life if we pay attention to the three fundamental pillars of our health, which are good nutrition, good rest so that the body can recover and stay active. and in motion. .

And these pillars are not only valid when we get older, but throughout our lives we must pay attention to them, yes, in some we will make variations and prioritize different things, diet in the elderly is not not the same as in our youth.


Stay active and move

Physical exercise is essential to maintain a strong cardiovascular system, a good volume of muscle mass which will help to have a better metabolism and better support for our body, stronger bones and even a stronger nervous system.

Exercise can be divided into two: strength and cardiovascular, both are important, we can do them every other day, because cardiovascular exercise, the most basic and easiest is walking, several studies have shown improvements incredible health of people with only Take as a habit of walking about 10,000 steps a day, which believe me, is not a lot.

How to maintain vitality in old age 1

For strength there are a lot of exercises, we don’t necessarily talk about weights, it can be multi-joint exercises with our own weight, like push-ups or pull-ups, or we can use rubber bands or small dumbbells, all of course by adapting it according to the possibilities of each, and keeping in mind that it is necessary to start doing it from an early age to guarantee an old age with advantages.


Regardless of our food choices, the important thing here is that it is varied and balanced, lots of greenery, fruit and a good amount of protein and healthy fats.

Here we can use supplementation on all those who follow a Western diet, for example it is interesting to supplement with Omega 3 if we do not eat enough fish or with protein shakes, if we do not have a sufficient intake from our diet.

The best would be to go see a nutritionist who can prepare an adequate and balanced diet according to our tastes and our options.

sleep is a fountain of youth

Simplifying a lot, our body and when I say body I mean our whole biology, it wears out and gets stressed during the day, due to all our physical and mental activities, night rest is essential to be able to recover.

During sleep, our nervous system works by rebuilding everything that has been broken during the day, in addition to cleaning the house and putting everything back in its place, so that the next day we can start the day with all the energy.

The number of hours varies a little depending on age, but in our adult stage the normal would be 7 hours, we should try to avoid screens and food a few hours before bed and help ourselves if we have trouble falling asleep with herbal teas or melatonin that they can be a good supplement.

And as I said, although these three pillars are fundamental, if we want to make our lives easier during old age, they are really fundamental throughout our lives to keep us healthy.

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