How to improve health with quality water?

It is so normal to turn on a tap and have water ready to drink that we have forgotten how important it is for our health. What yes? However, it is very important not only to drink water, but also that it is of good quality. And we can achieve it thanks to Cavali: quality taps at the service of your health.

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Reasons to drink water

It is good for brain function

The level of hydration has a significant impact on our brain. Low levels of hydration can impair concentration, mood and even cause headaches. Additionally, feelings of exhaustion and anxiety may increase, while working memory may decrease.

How to improve health with quality water?  1

Carrier of nutrients that circulates them throughout the body

Water contains no nutrients, but has the ability to absorb and distribute minerals throughout the body. Mineral water, for example, can contain healthy and useful minerals such as sodium, magnesium and calcium.

It not only transports nutrients to the cells, but also helps remove waste from the cells.

Helps regulate body temperature

Water is the primary method of controlling human body temperature. It also has a relatively high heat absorption capacity, act as a barrier against rapid temperature changes. Therefore, it is important to drink plenty of water when the temperature is high or you are in a hot area.

Helps prevent and treat headaches

Dehydration-induced headaches are common, especially during the summer months. This can happen with modest amounts of dehydration.

On the other hand, dehydration is often the main cause of migraines in many people. For him, water can be a helpful treatment or preventative measure for migraines.

Methods to improve water quality

Hay varias formas para improve la calidad del agua que bebemos en nuestro día a día, pero Cavali, en concreto, es una tienda online de grifos de diseño cuyo objetivo es en la salud y calidad del agua de consumo reduciendo al mínimo mentals perjudiciales como el lead. So if you want to get the best water quality, contact them.

limescale prevention

Drinking water contains various minerals, mainly limestone and magnesium, which are not harmful to health. However, large amounts of lime can be problematic for people with kidney problems and may damage devices. These are the main reasons why manufacturers of softeners sell their products.

good filtration

The most installed systems for city water filtration are filtration and reverse osmosis systems. Filtering is normally done for the whole house, while osmosis is only done for drinking water. What you have to understand is that it is not necessary to completely remove the lime, that the system must be well regulated and maintained.

Adequate flow

Whole house water filtration has the disadvantage of not being able to condition the supply pressure, but must be a filter that, when completed, maintains a Sufficient output flow to maintain constant pressure in the taps. For this to be possible, the filtration should not be too fine, but it should not be considered less efficient either.

Macro is better than micro

It may seem contradictory, but in some caseswhole-house filtration may be more useful than microfiltration of drinking water. It should not be forgotten that this form of filtering already considerably improves drinking water. The taste of microfiltration may not be pleasant, but the control of heavy metals, chlorine and lime is.

Benefits of quality drinking water

The first and most obvious benefit is to avoid disease and other bodily harm, which is why the issue of water quality is so sensitive, not least because of the implications for public health. However, in a broader sense, water offers many benefits, among which are the following:

  • Cleanses the body of impuritieswhile acting as an effective vector of vitamins and mineral salts to nourish the cells.
  • Helps maintain body acidity levels and Delay the aging process.
  • Improves digestion and maintains the beauty of the skin, nails, hair, etc., by facilitating the circulation of oxygen in the body.
  • Keeps joints lubricated.
  • Increases the number of calories burned.

Now that you know how important it is to drink quality water, what are you waiting for to contact Cavali? They will help you improve your home’s water quality.

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