How to grow zucchini in pots or bottles » The Horticulturist

In this video, we take a look at how to grow zucchini in small spaces and give you some valuable tips to help you succeed. We’ll also see that the best varieties to plant in containers are the smaller ones, and discuss some common diseases and problems you might encounter.


Find a super sunny spot to grow zucchini in containers

Zucchini loves the sun a lot!

Look for a location that receives at least six hours of direct light per day, with ten hours being optimal. These plants also don’t mind heat, so placing them along a wall facing the sun usually works well. Just keep an eye on the soil’s moisture level on hotter days and water more often if you notice the leaves wilting.

If you choose a vine variety, consider the type of trellis system you will use. Tall trellises risk tipping over your container, especially as the plant grows taller. If the planter is not tall enough to accommodate the weight, you will need to anchor the planter to a railing or wall.

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