How to grow fruits and vegetables in pots

It is easier than it looks to grow vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, pumpkins, strawberries and others like herbs or medicinal plants in pots. Just consider the size of pots and plants.


Grow vegetables in pots.

Almost any vegetable can be grown in a container, as long as the container is large enough. You can easily grow herbs, peppers, tomatoes, onions, squash, beans, and eggplant in the summer, and broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, and greens in the spring and fall. .

Choose the smaller varieties.

It helps to choose varieties specifically grown for small spaces. Look for names and descriptions of varieties that include these words: bush, dwarf, patio, compact, and miniature. For example, there are many varieties of tomatoes that are ideal for pots.

The size of the pot is important.

Most vegetables need large enough containers to grow well. The best containers for vegetables are 12 to 18 inches wide and 18 to 24 inches deep. As a rule of thumb: The larger the final plant size, the larger the pot you need.

What vegetables can we grow in pots.


Lettuce is an exception to the size rule. Since it has shallow roots, lettuce grows well in almost any container, even those as deep as 6 to 8 inches. Lettuce grows best in cool weather, so plant the seeds in spring or fall. For summer growth, keep lettuce in partial shade.

Growing lettuce in a containerGrow lettuce in a container. Image: Greendust Shutterstock


Peppers, both hot and sweet, grow easily in pots. Try them alone or surrounded by flowers in a larger pot. If you want to learn how to grow peppers in pots, I recommend this article.



Tomatoes grow well in larger pots with a cage or trellis system, but you can also try smaller tomato varieties in hanging bottles or planters.

Growing Potted Tomatoes


Strawberries grow so well in containers that they have their own pots. Specialty strawberry pots and planters have pockets on the sides where the fruit can grow and cascade down without touching the ground. As the name suggests, strawberry pots are ideal for growing strawberries.

How to grow strawberries in pots

Whether you planted the strawberries, or bought the plants in a nursery, the procedure is the same. Once the winter is over, in the spring we can plant our strawberries in a table or a cultivation pot, really the container is the least important because the strawberry does not develop many roots downwards and therefore any container with a minimum 10 cm deep would serve us.


You can’t imagine how easy it can be to have raspberries in our urban orchard/patio. With a few simple tips, you can have your raspberry plants ready to enjoy their fruit in the fall or the following year. Follow the instructions.


They couldn’t miss the garlic! You can grow your own garlic in a pot, recommended for a small vegetable garden, here we tell you how.

Plant garlic in a pot


Mint or spearmint are two aromatic plants that cannot be missing in our home or balcony. In addition to being able to enjoy their aroma, they are also used for cooking or even for preparing home remedies, and the occasional mojito ;). To learn.

Growing mint in a pot




You can grow your own onions in any pot, an ideal crop for your small home garden, here we tell you how.

onions in jar


Let’s see how we can grow it easily at home, without needing a lot of space, we can grow these rhizomes and enjoy their flavor.

Even better, we can all do it even with a rhizome that we can buy in a supermarket, a vegetable that you only have to buy once.

Follow the instructions for growing ginger in a pot.

Growing Ginger in a Pot


Celery is another of those plants that we can regrow and grow in pots at home. So you can do it.

How to grow celery in a pot


You can even try growing potatoes.

Growing potatoes in barrels or any equivalent container can be very challenging, growing your own food in a controlled environment and reducing exposure to chemicals, pests or fungus, achieving peak yield is something you have to experience for yourself.

How to grow potatoes in pots

If you have trouble finding a barrel, you can also choose to grow the potatoes in barrels or buckets, you will get the same result. If you’re going to try it, follow these instructions.


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