How to grow bougainvillea in our garden


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Some people think that when the summer and the heat come, the flowers cannot appear. Nothing could be further from the truth, as shown what are the summer flowers. Among them is a brightly colored flower that blooms in summer: is the bugambilia Either bougainvillea. we tell you how to grow bougainvillea in our garden to make it glow


What is Bugambilia?

Before coming in how to grow bougainvillea in our gardenGood to know what is bougainvillea. It is a tropical plant of great beauty, whose flowers can shine for almost 11 months of the year. Everything will depend on whether they are properly maintained and, above all, whether the climate in which they are located is adequate.


For this reason they are used to decorate windows, doors, pergolas, causing them to tangle and fall naturally. This is how they show their true beauty, in the different shades in which they are seen: pink, beige, yellow…Under several of its leaves, in the corner of the axil, it usually has thorns. Therefore, we must handle them with care, we could hurt ourselves.


Of course, its flowers are not what you see at first sight. It is not these leaves of different colors that contrast with the green of its leaves, but rather small tubular flowers, with a narrow trunk, which are found inside.

What surrounds it are the bractsa protection of the flower and which is of brilliant colors. His life spans several years, which favors its cultivation. That being said, we are going to show you how to grow bougainvillea in our garden. And if in addition to summer you like to grow in colder periods, here you have what are winter flowers to cover the whole year.

How To Grow Bugambilia In Our Garden – Location

when it’s time to learn how to grow bougainvillea in our gardenthe Location is essential. The first step is to decide if we want soil or pot. From there, you should know that the plant needs a hot and dry area.

  • Usually I – If the weather is fine, the floor option is the most recommended.
  • Flower pot – If, on the contrary, you are in a humid and cold area, you should opt for a pot and keep it at home during the cold season.

  • Temperature between 15 and 35º – The ideal way to grow bougainvillea is that the the temperature does not drop below 15º. It is also not recommended to exceed 35º during the day. Of course, in the winter, it’s no problem to keep it in a low-light area, like a garage or basement.

How to grow Bugambilia in our garden – Light

if we want to learn how to grow bougainvillea in our gardenwe must know that light is a key factor so that it blooms lush and spectacular.

  • Minimum 5 hours of natural light per day – It is a plant that reacts solar light and need 5 hours a day, minimal, exposure. Of course, we are talking about natural light. So, if you are going to grow it, remember that you need to plant it in a place with long and intense natural light.


  • better outside – So, if you plant it in the garden, look for the area where the sun shines the most. Being outdoors is good for you. And remember that the bougainvillea always grows north or south.
  • pH of 5.5 – Moreover, the bougainvillea also requires soil that drains water well. A pH around 5.5 works great for you.

How to grow Bugambilia in our garden – Irrigation

Irrigation is an important and complicated element when it comes to growing bougainvillea in our garden. It is advisable to follow these recommendations which vary depending on whether it is summer or winter.

  • Winter
    • Water frequently and carefully – In winter, it is necessary water frequently, but not in large quantities.
    • a week off – It should not be allowed to dry out, even if it is fine, stop watering a week before the flowers start to sprout.
    • wet earth – The soil must be in a humid environment. Neither dry nor flooded.
  • Summer
    • don’t poke it – In summer, although more frequent watering is necessary, do not overdo it and do not leave the plant waterlogged.
    • Watch out for the petals – Excess water causes the petals to fall off and alters the colour.
    • Light rain at night – It is recommended sprinkle them with a fine rainespecially at night.
    • Watch out for burns – In addition, in summer it is advisable to water them when there is no direct sun or this will create burns.

How to grow Bugambilia in our garden – Substrate

In order for it to grow properly, we will try to ensure that the substrate of the bugambilia is of a 35% coarse-grained sand or something similar, like volcanic soil, which is very fertile. The other 65% should be mulch.

We have to be careful how we place the layers, so the plant drainage is correct. We will try to put it down, then gravel and higher up on the stones, so that it can sneak in everywhere.

If the plant grows too much, simply reduce the amount of substrate. Yes you must fertilize itat least, once a year. Yes this half Aprilbest, to promote seasonal growth.

How to grow Bugambilia in our garden – Subscriber

Since it begins to bloom, late spring, it will be paid every 15 days, until the end of summer, when it no longer blooms. A liquid bonsai fertilizer will be used. In winter, as there are no flowers, it will not be necessary to pay

You also do not have to pay for the plant that has just been transplanted, you have to wait for the first shoots.

How to grow Bugambilia in our garden – Pruning

at the time of prune the bougainvilleawe must also take into account several considerations:

  • bud direction – We must attend the address that has the bud that arises from the first leaf of the branch. Always prune above a leaf that has a bud facing outward from the crown or in the direction desired.
  • Gloves – By the way, don’t forget to wear gloves. Some bougainvilleas can cause reactions allergic


  • drastic size – If you want to do a drastic pruning, to eliminate old branches and allow new branches to grow, each year, you have to do it with precision before spring or end of winter. But the ideal pruning is during flowering, when six to eight leaves will sprout and this will be the perfect time to prune two or three.

How to grow Bugambilia in our garden – Wired

When we put the wired with bougainvilleait should be kept in mind that beyond the escalation, the bougainvillea leans. Despite having a strong trunk, being flexible it is very dense and heavy. So in order to be able to climb you need some wiring.


In this case, we have to hold some sections together with wire wrapped in plastic. This way it will continue to rise and tangle if that is what we are looking for.

How to grow Bugambilia in our garden – Transplantation

The grafts are not very frequent, since they usually do not support it and do not go away. Therefore, if you wish to transplant it, make sure the process is not too aggressive Or you will destroy the plant.


If for some reason you have no choice but to transplant, keep these in mind. tips:

  • every 2/3 years – Transplant every two or three years, at the beginning of spring or before the appearance of the first flowers.
  • margin after size – If you prune before or after, try to respect a minimum interval of three weeks, so that the plant does not have to undergo so many changes in a short time.

  • bad roots – When grafting, remove rotten and larger roots
  • Also the leaves – When removing the roots, keep in mind that you must also remove the leaves, otherwise the roots will have too much work to sustain so many leaves.
  • no direct sun – For some time after transplanting, remove the plant from direct sunlight.

Bugambilia in our garden

Although you see how the bugambilia He needs certain care, certain temperatures to thrive and, without a doubt, specialized nutrition for him, does not mean that he is not worth it. And you don’t even believe it, look at this compilation of photos of bugambilia in our garden or decorate squares and balconies, so that we are faced with a color rush.

Without a doubt, the bugambilia is a beautiful plant that fills the different instances or places where it is located with light and color, giving a classic and elegant touch to the walls. If you want to grow bugambilia in your garden, be sure to consider what we teach you here at theblogverde

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