How to feed pets in an ecological way

Although it does not seem, pets also leave their mark on the environment. En la actualidad, gran parte de la sociedad ha tomado conciencia y ha puesto un ojo en sus acciones y como afectan a la naturaleza… Y los que tienen mascotas -ya sean perros, gatos, conejos, etc., etc.- no se quedan behind.

pet food It is essential for their development and good health, which is why pet owners do not skimp on choosing the best foods for them.

However, did you know that it is possible to be environmentally friendly when feeding your pet? In this article you will know everything you need to do to feed your mascot does not affect the environment.

Feeding a pet and the environment.

These are the aspects that pet owners should pay attention to when feeding them, factors that you should consider if you want to buy food from an online pet store.

Alternatives to foods wrapped in plastic.

Pet food packaging is complex. For example, dry foods are sprayed with grease and for this reason they cannot be packed in ordinary paper bags. But there are foods that come in paper bags with compostable film and cookies are sold in paper cups.

These last two options can help you if you want feed a pet without harming the environment.

There are also wet foods that are sold in tetrapacks and glass containers, but glass is heavy and more difficult to transport, which is why they are less common in pet stores.

Cook food or feed it raw?

One option for your pet’s food to be organic is to cook the food or feed it raw. To do this, you must have some knowledge because adding a little vegetables and a little meat is not going to satisfy your partner’s needs.

It should be noted that dogs and cats are prey animals. That is, they eat not only muscle meat, because they also need minerals obtained from bones and viscera (vitamins are also obtained).

The ideal, in this case, is to go to a veterinarian specialized in nutrition for small animals to guide you on the quantity of food in each ration for your pet.

Sustainable cat food.

Dry food for cats and dogs made from insect protein, military fly larvae, is now available at many pet food stores.

According to the manufacturers of this type of food, their production consumes fewer resources than traditional foods, so it is a good option.

On the other hand, there are manufacturers who only deal with wild animals or take into account whether they are wild animals.

Plant-based pet food.

Plant-based foods can be given to dogs and cats. But, this must be done when the animal is not in the growth phase, when the females are pregnant or nursing their young.

However, it is difficult to obtain a ration that meets the needs of the animals, especially in the case of cats.

To this we must add that rations of this type are composed of proteins of vegetable origin, which are difficult to digest. They also contain a lot of carbohydrates. This becomes a challenge for the digestive tract of predatory animals.

What foods not to give to animals.

A very useful tip that helps the environment is not to give animals too much food, especially if they are very fat.

According to data, 60% of domestic dogs are overweight. This is obviously not good for the health of the animal or for the environment.

Consumers, in this case, should buy foods that are not fortified with so-called “superfoods”. It is also ideal for stopping buying food that has been transported over long distances.

You can opt for flax seeds instead of chia seeds.

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