How to clean solar panels?

Although they have no moving parts, cleaning solar panels is a fundamental aspect of their maintenance that should not be forgotten.

Dust, dirt, pollen or bird droppings can reduce the amount of solar energy your photovoltaic panels are able to produce. This is called “fouling”.

Today we are going to talk about the most appropriate ways to fight dirt and bring your solar production back to the correct or expected level.


Cleaning solar panels.

Cleaning solar panels is like washing your car or your windows, but without soap.

Solar panels are a very durable product, with a guaranteed long lifespan, but they do need good maintenance to do their job well and maintain their energy efficiency.

Keeping these tips in mind will ensure your safety and a clean solar panel system.

If the solar panel cleaning is installed on the roof and its accessibility is difficult, consider the possibility of hiring a professional solar panel cleaning service.

Remember to check the manufacturer’s warranty BEFORE you start cleaning to avoid losing the warranty by accident or bad practice.

Image: levkro– Depositphotos.

Tips for cleaning solar panels.

  1. Pick a cool time of day. Solar panels get very hot during the day. Choose a relatively cool day or clean first in the morning or late in the afternoon.
  2. Rinse with a hose. As dust and dirt come off easily, first test whether rinsing with running water is sufficient for this task. If there’s dirt left, you’ll probably need to clean more thoroughly.
  3. A more thorough cleaning. Fill a spray bottle or bucket with warm water and begin cleaning the solar panel glass with a soft sponge or squeegee. No need to use soap or other chemicals. If needed, just use a drop of mild cleanser.
  4. Remember that solar panels cannot be stepped on.

Find a local sunscreen in your area.

If access to the installation is complicated or dangerous, or if the photovoltaic panels are too dirty, find a company or professional in your area who are dedicated to this task.

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