How to choose quality firewood for biomass boilers

You already know that biomass boilers are fashionable, we are talking about one of the most durable and efficient heating systems of the moment. And, although they require an element as natural and abundant as firewood, they allow us to do without any other more expensive and/or polluting fuel.

choosing firewood for biomass

If you have a biomass boiler or are thinking of buying one to take advantage of the heat it provides at home, let us show you some of them. top tips on how to choose the best firewood.

You will save on consumption expenses, you will help the environment and you will see how a good choice of raw material offers a clearly superior performance that of boilers which do not take this essential aspect into account.


Biomass, organic and renewable fuel

Biomass will be considered as all the organic matter capable of providing us with energy, which is why it is positioned as one of the most effective and profitable natural elements when it comes to providing heat to our rooms.

firewood and pellets are some of the products that are part of this great family. Both come from the same natural source; trees. And, although we will find them in different shapes and sizes, they turn out to be ideal as fuel.

If you have a wood boiler in your home, you will have made one of the best choices. Both in terms of heating efficiency and respect for the environment, since We are talking about energy sources capable of respecting the environment.

Its non-polluting quality allows more and more households to integrate a biomass boiler. And if that’s your case, you’re in luck because in addition to having a great heating tool, today you can find out what is the best firewood to provide.

firewood for biomass

Quality firewood for your boiler

In case you don’t know, to ensure that your biomass boiler provides its maximum performanceit must be fed with quality woodwith firewood that allows good combustion and thus guarantees maximum heat.

Now well, How to choose this firewood, what aspects should be taken into account? As you know, firewood comes from trees, natural elements that are often used to craft countless items and even build structures.

Generally, We will buy the firewood from a specialized supplier, although there are also those who are lucky enough to live in a rural area where they can extract it from the environment themselves. As long as this practice is allowed.

Either way, when choosing the best wood for your boileryou will need to select one that is not moistened, softened and has not been cut recently. Plus, the drier, harder, and older it is, the better it is for you and your wood-burning fireplace.

choosing firewood for biomass

What are the best types of firewood?

Knowing how fundamental it is to choose dry firewood and with some time from cutting it, it’s time to get to know each other some of the tree species whose wood is suitable for providing this heat that you want so much in your boiler.

Any tree or type of firewood that we have on hand will do us no good, because its calorific value varies according to its properties. And, as you already know, each type of tree provides completely different conditions.

The olive tree, the holm oak or the oak are some of the most interesting courses to take home. Its hardness and dryness mean that while you warm up, you can enjoy the active fire for longer.

Oak or almond are also a very good choice.. However, stay as far away from softwoods as possible, as their high moisture content will negatively affect performance. It will even cause greater amount of smoke emissionsomething that may exceed the capabilities of the boiler itself.

And now that you know some of the keys to choosing the best firewood, what are you waiting for? Check its advantages over the rest and Take advantage of the power of good heating thanks to this essential and natural element.


choosing the best firewood for biomass

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