How to charge the electric car at home?

Have you bought an electric car and want to know how to charge it? Although in the gas stations we have points from which we can do it easily, the ideal is that we have the possibility of filling it from home, a little before leaving and without waiting without doing anything else.

With multiple advantages, with this new model we will not only have better energy control, but it will also mean significant economic savings. Perfect for taking care of the environment -thanks to the fact that it does not use fuel- we will contribute positively to the famous footprint of carbon.


What do I need to charge the electric car at home?

domestic charges they were designed to enjoy the weather when the car is stopped and it is that, passing by a gas station or any other point at the time when we travel or because we use the vehicle to go to work, it is something that we must forget.

Through a conventional Schuko socket we can leave the vehicle connected all night so that the next morning we find it 100% ready to go on the roads you want. The battery, which tells us the state of the vehicle, will also be what determines how far we can go. You’re ready?

How long does it take to charge an electric car at home?

Although the idea of ​​charging an electric car at home is quite appealing, it is nonetheless do not reach point levels that we have on the street. At an ever higher speed, you will have the vehicle active before you want to realize it, because there are several volts of difference.

As verified, a ID charger provides up to 11 kW of power while conventional sockets (Schuko) do not reach 2.3kW and this means that we spend more time giving our vehicle all the energy it needs to start. In any case, we know that doing it from home is a big step forward.

Usually any vehicle we put in these devices will charge overnight so if what what we are looking for is to see it at 100% when we go to the garage in the morning, remembering to plug it in will be more than enough. Are you going to stay without trying what others are already enjoying?

How much does it cost to charge an electric car at home?

The electric car charging cable is pretty cheap, but what about power outlets at home? One of the most common questions when we think about this section is the the money we will spend on electricity and the energy that can be consumed while doing so.

Seeing how the the price of electricity is constantly changing, If we are going to connect the vehicle to the mains, it will be better to control the time intervals during which the rate is lower, and this is because what we have done with the washing machine so far will also be a detail to apply to our car.

At this stage, for charging an electric vehicle at home We have to assess what is the power that we have contracted and the one at which we will charge the car. Only in this way can we be calm in a double way and that is that on the one hand we will know that we are spending the minimum amount of energy while on the other hand we have the car in the garage waiting for us to choose the next morning.

Finally yes Have you purchased one of these vehicles? you have the possibility of refueling your engine at home thanks to the various power outlets we have. This, which is still part of the novelty, will be implemented in all countries until it becomes the most viable form of pricing. Have you ever tried?

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