How to build wooden houses from scratch

One of the hottest trends in the world are wooden houses, because they are environmentally friendly buildingsThey have a very nice aesthetic and we can also save money. They serve above all as a second home, to place them in the middle of nature. In addition, another of its advantages is that we can make the house to our liking and to measure.

How to build wooden houses

If you are interested in construction of wooden houseskeep reading because here we explain how to build wooden houses step by step, as well as the issues you need to consider such as the terrain, the materials needed and the plans to guide you during the construction process.

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Land to build wooden houses

One of the questions we must ask ourselves before building wooden houses is the land where are we going to build. Basically, we need to look at these issues:

  • The floor must be properly leveled and suitable
  • The foundations must be light
  • It must be optimal for the structure of the house

After laying the foundation, it is important to be clear about the structure of the wooden house. Once that’s done, we’ll build the walls and the roof.

Materials for building wooden houses

As you can imagine, the most important building material is wood. With this we will make the base of the house that we will then cover with the floor we want.

It is better to use top quality materials so that the wood is sturdy and the house lasts a long time intact.

Wooden house construction plans

The plans of the wooden house you are going to build are the most important because they will be our guide for the whole construction process. If you don’t have much building idea, the best thing is that consult an architect or builder who has experience in this type of house and who gives you a hand with the plans.

Wooden prefabricated houses are also very fashionable, in which the plans of the house itself and the detailed instructions for its construction are already indicated.

The process of building wooden houses

The first thing we must have are the pieces of wood then cut them to have them at the desired dimensions. It is also important that as they are cut, they are stacked in order. You can number the pieces with a pencil so you know where each one goes on the plan we have.

How to build wooden houses step by step

First we laid the wooden foundation, then we built the walls from the inside out. To do this, we use tables 90 cm from the ground and assembled. The assembled walls will only have one side mounted because the other must be free to mount the fittings (the frieze, the coating, etc.). These walls have a different composition which depends if the walls are vertical or if they are going to be used for the roof.

Then we have to use the iron to assemble the frame of the house and the frame will go, which remains with a hole and in the upper part, the frame is united with the structure of the wood. Then the roof is placed on top using a crane and we were able to start assembling the fittings and carpentry. The outer part of the walls is finished with rock wool to prepare the insulation of the house.

An important element that we must also take into account for the construction of a wooden house is the interior coating to protect it from possible fires. One of the most used materials is cardboard mixed with plaster. On the other hand, for the exterior of the house it is necessary to use materials that protect against both sun and humidity. Because you should know that even if your house is made of wood, you do not have to use only this material.

These environmentally friendly materials should also be used for foundations and interior walls: prefabricated fireproof plates, asphalt waterproofing, terracotta roofs, metal seals…

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