How to Brighten Dark Spaces with Natural Light

How to Brighten Dark Spaces with Natural Light

Today we are going to talk about different lighting systems to bring natural light into the darkest spaces of our homes. Systems that will save us electricity, gain efficiency and not have to use electricity.


Natural lighting systems.

Systems that will allow us to bring natural light to any place where lighting is needed, natural light without windows. Let’s start!

Solar slab, natural lighting for any place.

The solar slab is responsible for harnessing solar energy to light up any room. With the use of the solar slab, sunlight is used to illuminate interior areas that normally require the use of artificial lighting, with the consequent consumption of electrical energy.

Solatube, natural light without windows.

natural lighting system solatube it captures light through a dome in the ceiling and channels it through a patented internal reflective system. The tube fits between the joists and installs easily without structural modifications.

Lucy portable solar lamp.

The idea behind this invention is very simple: reflect the sun’s rays to replace the use of lamps. According to its creators, the efficiency of Lucy is so high that the clarity provided by the lamp is equivalent to 10,000 lumens.

Lamp Alfred Moser.

The idea is so simple, and at the same time so effective and practical that it left me speechless. Water bottles work like skylights, reflecting and amplifying sunlight during the day, replace light bulbs, but without using electricity.

SunFlower docking heliostat.

A heliostat It is a set of mirrors that move on an axis, which allows, with the appropriate movements, to maintain the reflection of the solar rays that fall on them at all times in a point or a small surface, canceling the diurnal movement of the ray reflected .earth.

SLT light tunnel.

The SLT flexible tube skylight system is made up of four parts; the first and fundamental a dome which is installed on the roof from which access to sunlight is given. This element, in polymethacrylate, combines its efficiency for lighting entry with its resistance.

Solar system.

The team from Swedish company Solros has created a system by which sunlight is captured, redirected via fiber optic cable and converted into light energy, helping to reduce electricity costs in homes.

These systems are ideal for dark homes with little or no natural light.

Whenever you can, use a natural lighting system, remember that the greenest energy is that which is not consumed.

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