How to attract worms to the garden

Australians, very smart people invented the term permaculture and Australian permaculturists invented worm towers, because that’s what permaculture is, common sense and inventiveness, in order to improve our relationship with the earth and its fruits.

red worms


worm tower

The worm tower consists of cutting a pvc tube of about 4 or 5 inches, burying it about 20 or 30 cm in our terrace.

It is recommended to put a lid to avoid excess water and mice or other animals and inside we put the vegetable remains of the kitchen for the pleasure of the worms.

This can be done on every terrace, for example, and ensure that we have a good number of these beautiful annelids in our garden.

We can also get hummus and reduce the waste generated by the house.

worm tower

worm pit

When I started working with this idea, I had the dilemma of burying PVC in the middle of the terrace where I produce the lettuce for the salad. You can get concrete tubing around this size, but they’re hard to find and even harder to cut. , I have also seen some very interesting facts with clay, but they are not easy to achieve or do.

So I said to myself, since nobody thought of making it simple, which is also a principle of permaculture, well, just a simple hole in the ground and that’s it.


This is how I tried different holes of different sizes in which I pour organic remains, harvesting the compost and controlling the population of worms which to my amazement continue to arrive and reproduce.

Simple, simple and useful, that we do not lack worms in our orchards.

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