HopfenHöhle, underground cooler that keeps beer cold without energy consumption

The HopfenHöhle® Original Earth Hole Beer Cooler keeps beer cold without energy consumption. The cooler can hold up to 15 bottles of beer. The bottle holder is manually removed from the hull tube.


Storage in the dark for a cold beer.

Low base temperature keeps beer cold. Depending on the temperature and the time of year, the temperature is cool, from 8°C to 10°C.

The system operates without electricity consumption and is therefore particularly climate-neutral. But dark storage also protects the fresh taste of beer. To complete the experience, there is a holder for a bottle opener (included) on the lid.

To install the beer cooler, all you need is a small piece of garden for a hole in the ground of Ø 20 cm and a depth of 95 cm.

You can dig the hole in the ground with a shovel. It is best to choose a shaded location for the wireless HopfenHöhle®.

As soon as the hole is ready, you can insert the thick-walled, weatherproof casing tube. Backfill the cavity with soil and pour water to make it muddy. This creates a vacuum for a firm grip on the floor and also forms additional protection. Finally, close the housing tube with the four-component cap. When properly assembled, even mowing the lawn with a lawn mower is no problem for this beer cooler.

Plug & Drink – dig, fill, drink

The assembly is particularly simple because the HopfenHöhle® is delivered already assembled.

Fill the bottle rack with up to 15 bottles of your favorite beverage. The holder is suitable for all common bottle shapes and sizes (0.25 l, 0.33 l, 0.5 l). With the simple click system, the bottles are inserted into the bottle holder.

Protection against water.

The sturdy tube has a waterproof base that protects against water and vermin.

The sealing ring on the tube keeps the tube airtight and also keeps pesky critters out.

The float guard also prevents the pipe from rising due to rising groundwater. The lid is as sturdy as the tube.

Thanks to the thermal insulation, the beer remains pleasantly cool even when temperatures rise. As the lid is breathable, trapped air can escape. The sturdy material is also UV stable, meaning the color won’t fade when exposed to sunlight. Rain and seepage water also does not enter the tube through the cap.

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