Homemade fly spray recipe if you have a farm

Learn how to make your own homemade fly spray recipe. A fantastic natural fly repellent that will help prevent flies around your farm or orchard with animals. You can rest easy knowing it’s made with natural and safe ingredients instead of unknown chemicals.


Homemade fly repellent.

Flies are, for many, a constant battle to keep them away from animals, food and your home in general…

Of course, the quick fix is ​​to use chemicals and commercial sprays to keep flies away.

But it doesn’t feel right to me to do that, especially at home, where your family lives.

Every time you apply fly spray, it gets everywhere. In your hands, in your clothes, in your mouth. Surely you don’t want these chemicals floating around your house, garden or farm.

It is therefore necessary to find a recipe for homemade sprays against flies.

Today we are sharing a homemade essential oil fly spray recipe that works pretty well.

Homemade fly spray recipe.


How come.

Mix everything in a spray bottle. Apply frequently to animals and surfaces in your yard or garden (shake well before application). And beware, it smells strong. Phew!

Works. But if you expect your homemade fly spray to be like conventional sprays that last for several days, you’ll be disappointed.

Repels flies, but does not kill them. You will need to apply it 1-2 times a day for maximum effectiveness, but it will provide at least temporary relief without chemicals.

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