Healthy options for breakfast

Lack of knowledge makes many people eat unhealthy. However, there are studies that support the importance of eating well because it improves physical and intellectual performance, in addition to producing a greater ability to concentrate.

Breakfast, in this sense, is the most important meal par excellence, since it is the first that comes after the fast that humans have due to the hours of sleep, hence the word breakfast, which means breaking the fast.

Eating a healthy breakfast helps distribute calories throughout the day, which are essential for weight maintenance. If you are thinking of improving your breakfasts, including fruits and cereals Mercadona is the best option, later in this article we will explain in detail why.

One of the most common difficulties when talking about a healthy breakfast is the lack of time we often have, due to how busy or stressed we are with our obligations. This often does not allow us to put together the healthiest option when it comes to food, and guess what… breakfast is precisely the meal most affected in this sense.

Due to the rush, it may happen that you end up eating what is closest to you, which in general is not usually the most nutritious, quite the contrary. Or directly, an infusion drink is ingested and nothing else, which really complicates our body when it comes to managing itself with daily calories and energy.


But suppose our problem isn’t time

Without a doubt, the best option for your breakfast to be healthy is to include cereals, which provide a large amount of nutrients. In addition, this option is convenient, which allows a stable food intake in children and adults, who appreciate the wide variety of flavors and textures.

However, you must be very careful when choosing the cereal you will consume, as many brands add sugars and additives. Look for those that are more natural, low in fat, and most importantly, no added sugar or preservatives.

Cereals are a source of carbohydrates that provide energy and essential nutrients. It’s always best to choose whole grains, as they contain fiber, and avoid those with added sugar.

What cereals are best for breakfast?

There are many types of cereals, but when it comes to composing a good healthy breakfast, the ones that stand out for the energy they provide for the whole day are the following located in the group of fine cereals crops:

Grains such as oats and barley also help lower blood cholesterol and regulate proper bowel function and increase satiety.

Buckwheat or buckwheat also stands out, which is considered a pseudo-cereal and is a gluten-free cereal with beneficial effects for human health, in principle it is suitable for celiacs. Having a greater intake of vitamins, it has a higher antioxidant power than wheat. It is also relatively low in phytic acid, a mineral absorption inhibitor found in most cereals.

Finally, rye stands out for its high content of minerals and trace elements, among which stand out calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, selenium and sodium. It is also important in fiber content and its high amount of vitamins.

In addition to cereals for a healthy breakfast, there is no healthy breakfast without a serving of fruit. At breakfast, with a piece is fine. Ideally, this fruit is in season, a source of vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, fiber and water.

It is better to consume the whole fruit, because in the form of juice, absorption is faster, it contains less fiber and vitamins are lost and give less satiety.

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