Healthy and active holidays. best options

Whether you’re planning a vacation this summer or thinking about it later, adding activities is important for staying on track and a fun way to explore new territory.

A great new way to travel as a family is to plan an adventure-filled vacation centered around a sporting activity. Active holidays are the best!

Among this list are our best activities during the holidays, you will surely find an activity that you will enjoy, one that will improve your holidays and your physical fitness!


*Calorie estimates are based on one hour of activity for a weight of 70 kg. the person.


476 calories diving, 340 calories snorkeling. Discover what’s at the bottom of the ocean while increasing your maximum oxygen consumption.


204 calories. Between using your core for balance and paddling along the ocean, surfing provides a great upper and lower body workout while releasing endorphins.

hiking and backpacking

477 calories. The hike not only offers stunning views, but also connects you to nature and the great outdoors. Your legs will feel the burn, but hitting the trails is worth it!


750 calories climbing a rock and 545 calories abseiling. Rock climbing engages every muscle in your body, while providing a challenge that will test your mental capacity as you scale cliffs.


102 calories. Whether it’s pitching a tent or gathering firewood, the calories add up! Earn your s’mores by adding a walk around the campground or family outdoor games. Whether you want to dream big in a national park or in a local forest, the great outdoors offer a connection to nature and endless possibilities.

city ​​bike

545 calories at a moderate pace. There’s no better way to take a city tour than a bike ride, we even wrote an article explaining why you should take a bike tour instead of a bus tour! It’s an activity for the whole family that will burn calories and save money. Pedal faster to gain more cardio.

Mountain bike

580 calories. Increase calorie consumption and eyesight with mountain biking! Exciting and challenging, cycling through the mountains will work more than just your cardiovascular endurance as your legs work to pedal over the cliffs.

yoga retreat

170 calories for one hour of Hatha. Proven to improve balance, flexibility, strength, and mindfulness, yoga is one of the best forms of exercise to prevent injury. Rejuvenate yourself by escaping into a retreat and reconnecting with yourself.

winter sports

Skiing/Snowboarding/Cross-Country Skiing/Ice Skating: Whether downhill or cross-country skiing, the average person burns between 350 and 950 calories per hour! Snowboarding: 428 calories. Ice skating: 500 calories. Not only do these sports build muscle, but they are some of the best sports for building endurance and exposing you to the cool winter air.

If you can’t have a full active vacation, here are some activities to incorporate into a weekend getaway or your own version at home:

  • Jogging on the beach: 600-700 cal, 6 mph. (30% more calories in the sand than on the road!)
  • Golf – 307 caliber
  • Beach Volleyball – 571 cal
  • Hike – 409 Cals
  • Waterskiing – 409 cal
  • Riding – 285 cal
  • Zip line – 300 cal
  • White water rafting – 300 cal
  • Kayak – 341 cal
  • Swimming: 409 cal, leisurely; 477 cal, freestyle

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