Green tips for a more sustainable pool

Summer is not over yet. If you already have a pool and are still planning on swimming, check out this week’s green tips to help you keep it green!

If you don’t have one, consider that there are many echo options today that can be implemented from the build itself.

The most important thing is that we maintain our water throughout the year to avoid having to change it every year and we will save thousands of liters.

Green tips for a more sustainable pool 1


swimming pool heating

Many pools use heaters to keep the water warm when the sun is out. If you heat your pool, here are some eco-friendly alternatives that can save you money on your electric bill.

  • Switch to a solar water heater. There are usually upfront costs, but over time solar heating pays for itself.
  • Cover your pool with a solar cover. This will keep the heat inside and prevent debris such as leaves, insects and the like from entering.
  • Insulate the walls of the pool is a bit expensive, but if it is a new or renovation project, it is not that expensive.

swimming pool cleaning

No one likes getting into a dirty pool. Here are some green tips to help you keep your pool and the environment clean.

  • Invest in an automatic pool cleaner. These automatic machines are up to 90% more energy efficient than a traditional filtration system and many cost less than $0.05 per hour to operate. And the best? Just drop it in the water and let it clean for you.
  • If you don’t like the idea of ​​a robot cleaning your pool, be sure to clean your filtration system regularly. These filters can become clogged and very inefficient, costing you money and time.
  • A good idea in swimming pool treatment plants is to change the sand to a reusable material such as aqualoon which allows us to wash it and reuse it several times.
  • Set timers on pool pumps. Timers will allow the pump to do its job well and save you energy and money.
  • Chlorine is a common chemical in swimming pools. To reduce the amount of chlorine used in the pool without reducing its effectiveness, mix the chlorine with a little bromide.
  • Do not use chemicals with a natural swimming pool if you use plants to filter the water.

One of the best tips is to cover the pool during the winter season and when the good weather returns a deep wash is carried out using algaecides and decanters and in a few days the water will be like new, c ie if you first check that everything is in order at the sewage treatment plant and all the elements.

Other useful tips

  • Keep your pool full all year round. An average swimming pool in the United States holds up to 100,000 liters of water. Emptying and refilling the pool consumes a lot of water.
  • Establish natural windbreaks around the pool to minimize evaporation. Shrubs and trees provide an excellent natural windbreak and add natural beauty to the pool.
  • Being sustainable doesn’t always mean making sacrifices in your lifestyle. There are always green alternatives, even when it comes to your swimming pool.

We hope you find these tips useful. Also pass them on to a neighbor or friend who owns a pool.

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