Green facts about the environment


There are data on the environment that we may not be aware of, but they are nevertheless serious and worrying. Ecology is a recurring theme in recent changes due to the reality of climate change and global warming.

Did you know that if the poles melted, some areas like Florida would be completely covered in water? However, other countries such as Canada and Russia would have areas that today are not habitable for humans.

Did you know that the countries that release the most polluting gases into the environment are China, India, the United States and Russia?

It’s logic. These are the most industrialized and most populated countries. However, there are other much smaller countries that proportionally pollute the earth’s atmosphere even more. Like for example Singapore and Gibraltar.

Polluting gases are not the only problem of ecology. Non-biodegradable materials such as plastic pollute seas and oceans around the world.

The plastic itself should not be a harmful material. However, its management is problematic. For instance, Did you know that every minute around one million plastic bags are used around the world? And what’s worse… that only 5% of said bags are recycled?

That’s too much plastic, which often ends up in forests, seas and oceans. strongly pollutes it. 40% of the plastic used is for packaging, most of which is not reused.

Everything goes through a more responsible use of materials and energy. The cost of water, for example: it is estimated that in the West a child can annually send more than 200kg of clothes to the washing machine.

And how do we shower? Or how do you wash the dishes? Are we using the drinking water we have responsibly?

Many times this is not the case. Responsible use of energy and resources begins with greater moderation. Can you use the bike or walk instead of always using the car? So try to do it.

Can you put on a sweater instead of turning up the heat on the radiator? Do it. Do you use rechargeable or non-reusable batteries? There are many small details in our daily lives that would result in a substantial change in pollution levels. Society must be increasingly aware of this.

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