Grande S1, the little house that folds up to triple its towable size

Although there are several travel trailers on the market, most do not exceed the width of a road. The Grande S1 is different in that when unfolded, it folds up to triple its transport size.

The S1 is made by the Californian company PODX GO. The house has a high tensile steel frame, polyurethane insulated walls and ceiling and laminate wood flooring.

When folded and towed by a heavy truck such as a Ford F-250, the structure measures 12 x 8′. The whole package, including towing accessories, weighs 9,979 kg.

Once the Grande S1 is parked on a concrete slab or wherever it goes, its two sides can be opened hydraulically in just 15 minutes, simply by pressing a few buttons.

It has a total area of ​​33.8 m² including a kitchen-living room with worktop, cupboards, refrigerator, stainless steel sink and taps; a bedroom with a king-size Murphy bed, a wooden folding desk and a closet; and a bathroom with shower, WC with cistern and vanity unit.

Other amenities include air conditioning, water heater, CO2/smoke alarm and standard fire hydrant to connect to municipal water where possible. It also has a full 120-volt electrical system that can be hooked up to the local grid, although buyers can opt for a solar energy storage system for off-grid use.

Assuming the Grande S1 goes into production, the expected retail price is $85,000.

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